Chapter 15

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"You just saw her yesterday?" Fred says with an air of suspicion.

"That's right," Zandra says, rubbing her palms together until the friction forces her to stop. It's a new habit. She looks Fred in the eye. "Don't get any ideas."

"You understand how that sounds, though," Fred says from behind his desk. It's noisy in his office, even with the door shut. A hectic day at the Stevens Point Police Department, looking to get even busier. "You're in possession of two severed fingers belonging to a woman you tell me you recently visited."

"You sure your fingerprint system is up to snuff?" Zandra says.

"Are you seriously doubting me?"

Doesn't feel too nice, does it?

"As a matter of fact, I am," Zandra says. She checks the clock on the wall. Two hours to go until she's due back at Sneak Peek for a meeting with Chris. "While I'm at it, I'll call your bluff. Let's go pay Amanda Thompson a visit."

"Fine," Fred says, adjusting the collar on his suit.

"This won't take long," Zandra says and heads for the door. "Are you sure you don't want to bring the fingers with you? I'm sure she'll appreciate you returning them to their rightful owner. Don't forget the super glue."

Fred sighs and shakes his head. "Make this quick, please."

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