Philanthropy and Exploration

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^^ Guard's Armor ^^

--- 77 Days AD ---

I snarled softly and stalked around her, focused on the frozen man, who's knees were shaking. I bared my teeth, licking my fangs until they were gleaming white with a fresh liquid coat, and then lunged.


I pinned the man down quickly, and lunged for his throat, only for Jazz to tackle me, pulling me off of him. She was the same size as me, and built thicker, as a Tiger was simply stronger than a leopard, so I couldn't fight her like this.

I hissed, and tried to go around her. Tizzy ran up, fuming. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?" She yelled at me.

I pinned my ears back, hissing louder, and leapt over them Both, launching my giant body at the man.

Jazz crashed into me midair, again saving the man, and then pinned me, roaring.

I shifted human for a moment, slipped out from under her, and darted at the man, drawing a knife.

This time, Tizzy stopped me, blocking my path before I could react. I growled, and she punched my mouth, barely fazing me.

"Why are you attacking my brother?" She hissed.

I paused. "You have a brother? Oh... Ooooh, this makes sense. You spend time with your brother on Sunday's... Okay... Hmm... What's up, guy, sorry about the whole killing  thing. Instincts, you know? No hard feelings?" I grinned at her 'brother'.

He fainted.

I hummed. "That wasn't my fault. I didn't do that. Making it clear now."

Tizzy was fuming. I hummed again and hugged her, kissing her deeply, and she slowly relaxed, her arms wrapping around me reflexively. I released her, and Jazz caught her.

"Thanks for making sure I didn't kill her brother... That might've been a situation." I smiled, unfazed.

My instinctual rage was gone as soon as it'd come, leaving me just as zen as always.

I poked the guy, and hummed. I clapped, and nothing happened. I grabbed a pail of water, and tossed it on him.

He snapped awake, and I helped him up. "Hello, I'm Caleb, how do you do? You had quite the spill there, you alright?" I asked.

"You, you attacked-"

"Me? That doesn't sound like me. I was about to introduce myself when you fainted. Are you alright? Any fever, sickness?" I asked, avoiding the problem.

He hummed, pressing his forehead. "I do feel a little dizzy..."

"Hmm. You might want to get that checked out, man. What's your name? You're Tizzy's brother?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm Achtis... Uhm... Yeah, I think I'm going to go get my head checked out... Bye, Tiz, see you next... Next week..." He slowly walked away.

I hummed. "That was a big misunderstanding, wasn't it! Eesh. Overreaction... Tern warned me, but... Wow. That was a rush. Hmph. What were we doing?" I asked Jazz.

"We have a meeting with the Emperor, of all people. Let's go before we're late." She warned.

I nodded. "Tizzy, you alright?" I asked her quickly.

She nodded slowly. "Yeah... Just... Wow. That was equally awesome and terrifying..."

I nodded again. "Okay she's fine. Let's go."


I stepped into the throne room, and walked forward, kneeling before the throne. "Hello, Emperor. How does this morning find you?"

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