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^^ Basic MagiPlay-MagiTech Display ^^

(MagiTech will become a blanket term for tech in this 'Verse that isn't made by Caleb. His will be referred to as 'Nova'. JS. Peace!)

--- 65 Days AD ---

I hummed as I looked at the new blueprints for the 'Nova Gauntlet', which would, once operational, become like a Weaponized Smartphone, connecting to the origin, which would be my Server I was building.

I was literally going to 'Invent' the Internet, and also Wikipedia... Sort of. I was going to scan in all the knowledge in the gigantic, Drool Worthy college library, and then use it as a source for my search engine. Basically like Google, which was the point.

"I'll call it... Nova Core." I grinned.

"What's Nova Core? And what are those?" Tizzy surprised me.

I quickly stashed all my plans in my jacket. "You'll see. It's nothing diabolical, so just wait. Don't try to get it out of me." I warned her.

She shrugged. "You'll crack eventually."

"Well, it'll be done within the month, so it'd be awesome if you just waited for the grand opening... Please?" I asked, eyes like a puppies to gain her trust.

She raised an eyebrow. "I raise dogs. That won't work."

I shifted into a leopard kitten and leapt onto her shoulder, purring, and she visibly lost ground in her argument. I started rubbing my head against her cheek, and she cracked. "Okay, enough, fine, I'll leave it alone." She sighed.

I leapt off and shifted back. "Perfect. Now, today's class begins in..." I looked down at my watch. "Twenty minutes. What do you have?"

"Special Warfare. You?"

"First Shifter Class. I'm excited!" I grinned, and then picked up my bag, jogging through the door to my dorm room.

"You know, most lords wouldn't have a dorm." She hummed, following.

"I like simple accommodations. They remind me of my time in the mountains." I shrugged.

(I'd explained off why I didn't know anything to my life as a Martial Artist in the Mountains. It was partially true, so people just assumed I was ignorant and explained everything for me. Worked well in my favor.)

She nodded. "I understand, but there are actual mountains here. I'm sure you could get one."

"Why? That's a waste of currency. I have everything I need." I looked at her oddly.

She shrugged. "Again, you're so different..."

"It suits me to be so."


I opened the door to the Shifter Class, and was met by a barrier. Pepe walked straight through, but I couldn't pass.

"First time?" A tall woman said, standing next to me. Her eyes were One Gold and one Black.

I nodded. "Yes..."

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