My End

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--- Year 350 AD ---

I smiled at Tern, and looked out at the battlefield.

"A beautiful death, isn't it?" I chuckled.

He nodded his aged head. "Yes."

Stretched before the cliff we rested upon was a vast army, the entire combined might of the Kellig Invading Army. They had finally gotten the balls to invade the Shun Empire, and the Empress, Teresa's great-great-granddaughter, had called us to the Front, to spare his troops, at my request.

He chuckled. "They pulled out all the stops, hmm? Little Druk's." He chuckled at the sight of siege engines.

"Ahhh, the idiocy of youth... Let's have some fun, eh old man?" I laughed and leapt down the slope, landing at the bottom with a deafening 'BOOM!', quaking the land around me in a Mage-made Earthquake.

The I drew my sword from the lone sheath I carried, as my armor was safely in my lab, where my descendants would wear it into the world. I dropped the sheath, and then roared out a challenge, darting forward.

--- Birds Eye View ---

The empire watched, enraptured, as lord Caleb, a Beloved member of the Council, waded into the enemy, slaughtering thousands, destroying siege engines with a single swing of his sword.

Magic circles and Glyph's appeared, annihilating the battlefield.

Giant warriors of stone rose to meet him, and like the stories he told of David and Goliath, they fell.

Then, when he was met with the Enemy Grand-Master Mages, he simply laughed, and chanted four short lines repeatedly.

Everyone gasped as the smaller moon shattered, the pieces slowly forming into spears, and then shot down at the earth.

The entire world felt the impact, as the camera view jumbled, replaced by random flashes of pictures of fire, and death, screams of agony filtering through in pieces. It soon settled on a single image.

The view was of Caleb and Tern, standing tall atop the flaming wreckage, and then slowly dissolving into dust with smiles upon their faces. A snake and a leopard took their places, and seemingly laid down to die, as the camera view darkened to black.

Shouts of outrage filled the empire, and just then, a miscarried baby gasped, it's body healing, and cried out with pure life, it's white eyes, emblazoned with a glyph the poor farmers didn't recognize, wide open and searching.

A small mark appeared on its hand, and the farmers wife held it to her chest. "Hello, little Maria... You are going to love the world." She whispered, and kissed the babies forehead, as a small reptile watched from the rafters.

It smirked, and settled down for a nap, it's watchful eyes on the child. 'Welcome to the world, Master...' It sent to the babies mind.


DON'T KILL ME!!!????

I plan on continuing writing in a little bit after a short Hiatus, as I'm going to Boot Camp in less than two weeks. I'm going to try to finish all my books by then, but I most likely won't succeed. I'm sorry!!!😿😿😿

But anyway, there you have it.

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