Nova Core

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--- Sunday, 70 Days AD ---

I gently pressed a microscopic Glyph to the parts in front of me, one by one, fitting each part of my Server Building with its placement Glyph, which I'd learned recently.

If anything every happened, cataclysmic storm wiped out the earth, whatever, then this building would not only survive, it would continue its current path like nothing ever happened.

Shifters placed them on just about everything. It was a reversed version of the glyph on my dagger that meant I could never drop it. This meant it could never be moved away from its predetermined placement.

The Island I stood on, recently purchased for a ridiculous price of 155 Koi, was about as large as Puerto Rico, which amused me. I'd bought a Country sized Island for 155 million bucks. Wow.

It was Mountainous, with six giant mountains dominating the landscape, with peaceful valleys between, along with several Rivers.

The entire islands power grid was controlled from the Central Valley Power Plant, which used the Hydroelectric generators placed in every stream and river of my island to make Millions of GigaJoules of electricity, more than enough to power my labs and factory and also the Core I was building currently.

I had hired several people so far to work on the Power plant and also to travel the Island constantly, and check each Water Wheel for faults.

The job was a relatively fun one, as my island was as beautiful as any tropical Island I'd ever seen. My Mills were, naturally, strategically placed for maximum water movement, and also minimum visibility and impact on the environment, even if it was Man-Made environment.

I was on the top of the Tallest Mountain, which I'd named 'Mount Isaac', for Isaac Newton, and I was obviously building my Nova Core.

Soon, it was almost ready. My Server Hub, my own personal Oslo, (I love Puns and Irony with the best of them) and it would be shaped like a gigantic copy of my FingerPrint.

And by Gigantic, I mean it will be literally as big as the mountaintop it was replacing, because it was carved out of the mountain itself. And inside would be what I was calling the NOVA QUEST. The 'Quantum Ulterior Endocryptic Server Thoroughfare.'

(Literal translation: Quantum computer, attached to, and policing, a physical And therefore Ulterior Server, which was Endocryptic, meaning it encrypted every Byte of information that passed through it at any forum, and the only way to unlock it from any access that was not the original, was by my DNA, hence 'Endo', because my DNA was inside me. And the Thoroughfare was because it trafficked Data from one place to another almost immediately.)

The Building itself would be was what was coined 'NOVA CORE', as the core of my operations.

I slowly raised a hand, concentrating on activating every single glyph on the entire Island that held the Exact Same Glyph that I had just Invented, and the Mountainous pile of computer parts and building materials began moving to their designated spots around the massive Quantum Computer, as per the Blueprints in my head and the Mage Glyphs I'd placed on them.

The only difference to my Fingerprint in the construction was the spiral on the middle of my thumb. A Spire was there instead, and it pointed at the spiral of metal that was in the center of the cavern, which I'd turned into a giant Data Bouncer.

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