A Kink In My Plans

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^^ Glyph, 'Turn-Twist' ^^

--- Day 133 AD, 16:00 ---

I stood tall, victorious, and  my  consciousness slipped away as I heard myself be proclaimed the champion.

I face-planted unceremoniously.

--- Day 134 AD, 06:30 ---

I opened my eyes, and stretched slowly, my entire body protesting weakly as my muscles were pushed and pulled.

Tizzy and Ira sat nearby. They looked at me. "Ah, look, the Princess awakens." Tizzy said dryly.

"Oh shush, it's only been a half-hour, ya brat." I groaned, and sat up.

Teresa looked at me from her seat at the foot of the couch, where she sat daintily, avoiding my feet. "You're awake. Interesting. What made you pass out?"

"Mana Exertion." I said in sync with Tizzy. I spoke again after a small glare at her. "I spent too much mana with all the theatrics. It was one of my first real bouts with magic as a premise. I'm still learning to micromanage my mana." I shrugged.

She nodded. "So you're fine? No cancer or anything else to worry about?"

"Cancer? You have that here? No, I don't have Cancer. I was just tired, so I fell asleep for a half hour. Simple. The Advanced Magical Warfare has started, yes?" I asked tizzy.

She nodded. "Yes, and ends in a few minutes. Your next bout is at noon, with the start of the Beginners Physical Warfare Tournament. If you are the champion, they'll likely make you a MPWS, and tadah! One step closer to the Council." She shrugged.

"How'd Jazz do?"

"She got the the third Tier, one of the final 4, but she lost her match. You can watch it later from your records." Ira said.

I nodded. "Alright."

Teresa spoke up. "I'm still confused on one thing."

"Alright? Only one? You've got me beat!" I chuckled.

She smiled slightly, then flattened it. "I still don't know who these women are, flocking to my Fiancé."

"Ah. This is Simatis, we call her Tizzy, that's Ira, a Leopard Shifter, and Jasmine, or Jazz, is a Tiger Shifter. All are my playmates. Members of my 'Harem'." I explained.

She blinked. "And... Alright... But why?"

"Why not?" I shrugged. "I have enhanced physical needs I am unaccustomed to controlling, and having women who are willing spares me from the crime of rape."

"Excuse me?!" She leaned back.

"You've seen me lose control of my anger. That's not the only emotion that I lose control of. Lust is another. As is sadness, and loneliness. Happiness as well, though that's not a problem."

"How does that connect with rape?" She asked sternly.

"If I lose control of lust, and there is a pretty woman nearby, and I black out, I often worry what my beast will do, while I'm not in control. So, having women who will happily accept me limits the opportunities for that to happen." I shrugged, leaning my head back and laying it in Ira's Lap, as she'd sat behind me.

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