College Day One

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^^ The 'College' ^^

--- Day 64 AD ---

I dressed swiftly, drying my hair and tying it back, and Gem and Pepe watched me closely.

I dressed in my best clothes, so I was wearing a pair of dyed soft Cotton pants, the color Black, and hardened black leather boots. I wore a thin white shirt under my black Leather jacket.

I tightened my black leather gloves, (yes he's wearing all Black and White on accident, it wasn't on purpose, at least not fully.) and shook myself, then picked up my bag, filled with notebooks and materials for taking notes. Luckily I'd had a few pens and a pencil in my pocket when I came here, so that was good.

I mentally commanded Gem and Pepe to sit in my bag, and then walked out. I flipped the innkeeper a Frei, and grinned. "See you, Man, thanks for the advice, love the room. Peace to you!" I called as I jogged out.

I noticed several other mages, by the magic in their clothes, headed towards the palace. I decided to follow them, as I had no earthly idea where 'The College' actually was, it was very secretive.

Eventually the crowd thinned as certain mages ended up stopping in the palace, but I followed the others, the really determined ones, who were going straight to the college, despite the early hour.

We went down, and down, and down, and eventually I turned to ask one of them, just as The blank wall in front of us up and disappeared.

I chuckled. "Whoa. Cool..." I stepped through, again following the others, and we ended up on a tram, or maybe a skyway. (Subway on stilts).

The doors closed, and we were off. The tunnel was dark, at first, but then the entire train was bathed with natural light, and I gasped, looking out of the window.

An entire Archipelago's worth of land was down here, surrounded and bisected by what looked like deep blue oceans. Seeing as we were deeper in the earth, and therefore further away from the moon, the gravity for the tides was more normal than the surface, from my calculations, which meant no monsoon tides.

A much larger island covered in one city sat in the center, and a sun was at the Apex, where we had come from. We were currently spiraling down to the Island's elevation, and towards the main island, which honestly fascinated me.

A large castle, clearly divided into two pieces, only connected by one piece near the top, spread out like wings. The island's surrounding were obviously built to be an entire ecosystem, and I could see several different environments, from a small (5000 acre) Desert to another small (5000 acre) Deciduous Forest.

The other parts of the islands were several hundred Villas, each sporting a small mansion and its accompaniments. Someone snickered at my agape staring, and I ignored them, taking in details by the bucketful as we neared the Island. I noticed several hundred smaller islands, scattered around the bubble I assumed was all underground.

"Done staring, Druk?" One man sneered at me.

I raised an eyebrow. "Druk? I don't know this word. I'll assume it's an insult and save you the trouble of forming a cognitive response, I wouldn't want you to strain your tiny brain. Annoy me, and I'll hurt you. Severely. Understood? Good. Now, go stand in the corner like a good little boy." I shoo'ed him distractedly, memorizing the main Castle's layout, from what I could see.

I heard a grunt of pain, and turned.

A beautiful woman held the rude man by his arm, which she'd caught as he tried to punch me.

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