I can do this

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Your POV

I'm going to admit my feelings to Lauren. God, I hope this doesn't mess up. I have been holding this in so much and feel like if I don't I will explode.

It's only six am and I couldn't sleep for the last few hours so I decided to go for a run. I run around for an hour and a half in Washington City. I run past the well-known places.

After running I head back info the hotel having a quick shower, dress and go downstairs to have breakfast. No one up expects the security from the tour. I just gave them a nod while I go around to get some food.

Lauren POV:

I wake up To fall out of my bed with a big thump. I had another dream of me and y/n that's the third one I have had this week. Is this really showing I like her?
I get up, walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a quick shower. I dress and decide to go down for breakfast. When I get down there I see y/n already there eating.
I walk up to her table. "Morning!" I say cheerfully. "morning Lauren!" she says smiling taking a bite of her pancakes. "omg they have pancakes?" y/n nods pointing where they were. I get up to grab a plate of them with juice and a cup of coffee. " is okay If I join you?" I ask before sitting down across from her, I get a thumbs up. I sit down. "how did you sleep?" I ask her while cutting my pancake. "to be honest, not great. I got up pretty early so I went for a run." she said. "a run this early damn I think I die." I say joking. "there were actually a lot of people running so early I was pretty impressed." she says. "so what's the plan for today?" she asks. "interviews in the morning and concert tonight!" I say smiling.
After eating we walk up to the hotel rooms, it's only now the rest of the girls were getting up.
I decided to get my makeup and hair did first as I was already ready to get it done. After that I got ready.

Your POV:
Lauren was off getting her hair and makeup down I decided to change into more decent clothes since they are interviews. I finish getting ready I head down to Lauren.

After the interviews

The girls and I head to the venue to get ready. After girls did their soundcheck I was on my own for a bit so decided to go own their stage and pick up a guitar. I begin to pluck some strings and sing little things.

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me...

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It's you
Oh it's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you're perfect to me

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you
It's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you
And you'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you to
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh

I've just let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
'Cause it's you
Oh it's you
It's you they add up to
And I'm in love with you
And all these little things

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you
It's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all your little things

I take a breath after that and I hear a small round of applause from the side of the stage. It was the girls. Shit Lauren heard me sing.
"damn girl you got some pair of pipes on you," says Dinah smiling at me. The rest of the girls turn around and walk off. Lauren was still standing there, I walk over to her. "you were Amazing." she whispers hugging me. "Thank you," I say smiling. We walk back to join the girls. By the time we know it, it was the time for girls to get ready for the show.

After show

I'm going to tell her. "Hey, Lauren." "Yeah, y/n." "em, I was wondering you want to hang out?" I ask her nervously. "sure." she says smiling.
We meet outside my door. "I have a better place to hang out," I say holding out my hand she grabs it and we take the lift to the top floor which is a balcony with a bar.
We are overlooking Washington from our hotel. "wow." she says taking the view. "pretty cool huh?" I say smiling. A few minutes later I decide to speak up.
"Lauren." I say. "much." she says. "I need to tell you something." I say very seriously. "okay." she turns to me.
"I.." I start but can't say it. I freeze. "you?" she says. "Imattratedtoyoulauren." I say fast. "slow down y/n, what you saying." she says confused. "I said I'm attracted to you Lauren," I say looking down to my feet.
I finally said it! What's her reaction?

Cliffhanger! 😜
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