okay so

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um, yeah, hi.

so I'm going to be writing short stories on this? I've been writing stories since the age of about five, so I figure why not embarrass myself and put my scribbles on here yanno bc my self esteem hasn't been killed enough already

I'm great at parties

(or I would be if I was invited to any)

brb crying

I'm very awkward and I don't know what I'm doinggggggg

ugh wtf man

but I hope you like my stories? some will be based on songs, some just random, some poems that 89% of the time won't even be mine to begin with, and, yanno, random author notes like this no one wants to read

woo I'm a keeper

so yeah I hope you like my stories?

okay I'm really dumb and wasting your time bYE


p.s. I'm not big on capitalization as you could probably guess in informal writing (like say, an author's note? :O)

p.p.s. diadem: a simple circlet of small jewels; a simple crown.

(it's what queens would wear in contrast to kings: kings were always magnificent and jewels and gold and loud colors and fancy linings crown! but a diadem is as simple and regal as you get.

it's one of my favorite words.)


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