hello hello

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hello hello

I don't know why you say goodbye

why you say goodbye I say hello

ayyyy how y'all doin'?

I'm awkward #butyouknewthat

so this is an author's note right here and I'm here with tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy

plus Christmas is almost here wooooooo

so a few things I want to tell you

a. my reading audience has tripled like who in the goshdarn heck is even bothering to read my things you wonderful human beings you

b. red light, green light is coming back after this author's note and it might be in Peter Pan's POV so there's that

c. you know those lil "red light, she said. don't go, he said" quote things I make up at the beginning of RLGL? yeah I can't think of anymore so the update will not come until I think of one ughhhhh sorry

d. Christmas is almost here and so is 2014 and I've officially done nothing #yo

e. dentist appointments suck

f. IMPORTANT: I have like a café fetish if you haven't realized like in almost all of my stories (only exception + RLGL) they both have scenes inside a café named Belle Nuit which btw I think means beautiful night in French or some other language beret-wearing Europeans speak like idfk

so what is important about this is that RLGL might finish and I might write a few more stories in this but Belle Nuit will be at least one setting in all of them

and what makes me so excited about this whole thing is that I'm going to take all my characters and write a scene or two where they all meet for the first time from whatever walks of life they've found themselves in

like I think that'll be really really cool don't you?

cool so um bye thanks

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and Hanukah and Kwanzaa and Three Kings Day and whatever else you do or don't celebrate

overall enjoy yourselves okay? ilysm


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