iv. because, because

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because he'll never be good enough for her.

because he tries too hard to be good enough for her.

because she can't open herself to love again.

because she won't put herself through that again.

because, because.

because when her father died, he broke her to pieces.

because when her mother left, she crushed her.

because when his father killed his mother, he destroyed him.

because when his father then committed suicide in front of him, he shattered him.

because, because.

because what happens when these poor lonely souls find refuge in the other?

because what happens when something sparks between them?

because she cannot keep herself locked away forever.

because he cannot take much more of this for long.

because she doesn't know it.

because he doesn't know it.

because he needs her, and she needs him.

because, because.



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