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i'm so close to 200 reads :) thank you guys who are reading, it means a lot. i have a lot of hope for this story.

btw, i was listening to hey violet which was why i got inspired to write this. i love their songs so much.

chapter five: the morning after

Ava woke up the next morning early, feeling refreshed although she had went to bed at such an ungodly hour. She remembered the night very vividly, from meeting Luke and his favorite colour, to coming home and having Becca scream at her about what could've happened to a girl that late. (Ava had rolled her eyes at that, retorting something along the lines of maybe tell people not to hurt girls out late at night which only made Becca scream more at her.)

She stretched and yawned, a dazed smile on her face as she still felt giddy and slightly happy upon reminiscing a certain blonde-haired, blue eyed boy that made her feel like a bubbly sixteen year old again. She knew that it was rare that they'd ever bump into each other again, and albeit that fact made her heart sink a bit, she was satisfied enough knowing that she got the opportunity to meet Luke. She squealed frivolously and kicked at the sheets on her bed, wanting to possibly kick herself for being so easily affected by some boy who's first impression was rude and nymphomaniacal.

He probably wasn't even thinking of her, and he was probably already in the bed of another person.

Ava got up after having her moment of getting a grip, letting her bare feet fall to the ground. She was uncomfortable since she passed out right after getting lectured by Becca and didn't get a chance to remove her night clothes. She stood, pulling off her skinny jeans which made her chubby yet long legs look better and chucked them off to the side, doing the same with her sweater. She threw on an oversized shirt that advertised a cigarette brand she liked and went to the kitchen, exiting her room. She could hear the news channel playing (Fox News, no doubt, Becca loved making fun of it) as she walked throughout the hallway.

When she reached her destination in mind, she saw that Becca was on the black couch in their shared, small living room, staring intently at the T.V while eating Frosted Flakes. Ava ignored her presence from where she was by the kitchen cupboards and grabbed a ceramic bowl, pouring herself some cereal and milk, returning everything she didn't need when she was done. As she began to munch on some, she heard the raven haired girl behind her speak up.

"So what happened to you last night?" Becca asked, her back still facing Ava.

"Nothing, why?" Ava lied, shoving a spoonful of Cinnamon Toast Crunch into her mouth so that she wouldn't break into a smile and give it away. She stared down at the bowl in her hands to hide her expression as well.

"Well, that's bull," Becca remarked, turning around and staring at Ava. She squinted her eyes at her. "You don't usually wake up this early, and your shift doesn't start in at least a couple more hours."

"Maybe I just wanted to get an early start, okay? Jeez, you act like I can't change," Ava muttered in response, beginning to quickly gobble up her food at the mention of work.

She still had to wash her face, brush her teeth, apply makeup, pick out clothes - oh god; she was feeling sheer stress and panic suddenly. She definitely needed to visit her therapist this week, so she had that to look forward to. Becca's voice interrupted her worrying.

"Well, you're not exactly the most adaptable person, despite being a Gemini. You don't really like changing things. Maybe I read your horoscope wrong, but I'm pretty sure you're hiding something."

Ava rolled her eyes. Becca was an astrology freak, constantly checking and becoming paranoid, judging people off of their signs and basing her daily routine on her horoscope. Apparently, the reason they often fought was because Becca was a Virgo and Virgo and Gemini clash all wrong - something like that, Ava wasn't paying attention. Maybe, she wondered, she could find an astrology related reason as to why she had such a weird friend.

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