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it was just another day.

jungkook had the same old schedule as any other day-- wake up early, go to dance practice, then vocal lessons, then back to dance practice, then he finally gets to go home and sleep.

then the whole cycle would start again.

jungkook had woken up earlier than everyone that day, which was very unusual considering he was the hardest member to wake up.


he couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard he tried. he rubbed his eyes and stretched. he got out of his bed, got ready, threw on a hoodie and a mask to cover half of his face before he walked to the coffee shop a couple blocks down from their dorm.

he really needed the caffeine boost right now.

jungkook opened the door and was welcomed with the chimes ringing by the door and a feminine voice.

"i'm sorry, sir, but we're not open yet." a girl said, bowing a full ninety degrees in front of him.

"oh, i'm sorry. i didn't see the sign." jungkook bowed and turned around to leave. he realized he was stupid for thinking that a coffee shop would be open at four in the morning.

"i could still take your order, though. since you're already here." she smiled.

"i couldn't trouble you like that." he denied, waving his hands in front of him.

"it's no problem, really. this cafe is meant to serve people, anyways." she reasoned.

he smiled, though he knew she couldn't see it through his mask.

he walked up to the cash register and ordered an americano-- something that wouldn't trouble her too much. he felt bad enough already for making her work before the store opened. but she was so generous, he couldn't turn her down.

he checked his phone while she was making his drink.


"here you are, sir." she said, handing him his drink.

"thank you so much." he said, pulling down his mask to take a sip.

"so," she started. "why did you come here so early?" she asked.

jungkook shrugged. "just needed a coffee, i guess." he looked at her name tag.

nam ji eun.

he liked her name.

"mind if i stay here a little longer? don't feel like going home." he asked.

she smiled. "not a problem." she walked to the tables and began wiping them clean.

he took another sip and watched her.

this was one of the best americanos he had ever had.

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