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The raven haired boy stared at her sleeping figure, noticing the slope of her nose from this angle.

He pulled the corner of the bed-sheets further up her small frame as her cotton pyjamas failed to provide much warmth in the bitter autumn months.

She murmured incoherently before turning on her side, sleeping somewhat peacefully.

Zayn sighed, knowing that, by tomorrow, she'd been gone again.


Thalia Harris, black haired and hazel eyed, had always been penned as an outcast; a misfit.

The way she'd talk in a dreamy manner, or the way she'd stay indoors on the brightest of days was different, yet Zayn was attracted to her: she'd distance herself and he'd take a step forward.

Let's make a deal.

Thalia raised her eyebrows and rested her heart-shaped face on her small hand.

If, by the time all the Autumn leaves have fallen, you're not in love with me, I'll leave you alone, and you can forget all about me.

She hesitated for a moment before looking him directly in the eyes, Deal.

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