Chapter I

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Present Time: California, Age 17

When my parents died I had to go to a school for spies. This is my final year and I plan to make the most of it. This is the year I get to go out onto missions. They train us out in the field now. My grade has 15 students. By the time that I turn 18 I'll be out on my own. Well, not exactly on my own, but with a partner. They told me that my parents have been partners since their last year here. This is where they met and they fell in love. I study way too much to date anyone though. With all our training we have to do school work as well. We have our classes in the mornings and then the training in the afternoon. Today is the first day and I heard that we have a new transfer from another state. He's going to be in my grade and will make us have 16 students. Now when they give out partner's it will be even.

"Anna, I'm finally ready to go." Says my roommate Zara, breaking me out of my silent rant in my head.

"It's about time, I've been waiting here for about twenty minutes." I reply as I sit on my bed.

"You have not," she pauses and looks at he clock. "Okay, maybe you have."

"Well, lets not wait any longer, come one lets go." I say. I just want to get this day over with. We walk down to the waiting area and take our seats and our section. I recognize everyone from the year before when the walk in and take their seats. I'm always the first one in the room. The one thing that I hate is being late. I look at my watch and notice that the meeting starts in one minute. I look in our area and notice that everyone is here except for the new person. Well, seems like we won't get along. The door opens right as it's time to start and a guy my age walks in. He has a certain presence when he walks in. The first thing that I notice is that he is very strong built and tall. He has messy, black hair that's perfect for his face. His facial structures are strong, especially his jaw. He has a slight tan that looks like his natural color. All together he is very attractive. He's wearing the uniform, but has the jacket open and the tie isn't done all the way. What am I even doing? Yes, he is attractive, but judging by the way he's dressed we won't get along. I have to have everything perfect. My high pony is held tight, and my watch is set right. I'm always at least 10 minutes early. Not to mention that my uniform is put together the right way. I wear very natural makeup, hardly any at all. He takes the only open seat, which of course is right next to me. I can't help but smell him. It is intoxicating, like nothing I've ever smelt. He glances at me and I see him do a double take.

"Welcome everyone." Starts the Principal Davids. I know her as Emily from when we first met. "It's good to see all the new faces and the old ones." She looks at me as she says this. "For the first years we already held the special orientation and last years will be held after the meeting today. I would like to take a different approach to the partner system this year. Instead of waiting until the later meeting after this, we are going to do it right now. Your partners have already been chosen and you cannot change them. Usually I like to keep the partners to same sex partners, but there is one unlucky duo for that. I will call those two students up first. Anna Jenkins and Ethan Jacobs." I get up as the same time as Ethan, the new student. I should have known that I would be the person that would have the opposite sex as my partner. I look at him while we are walking and can't help but notice how tall he really is. Standing right next to him my head only reaches his chest. When I look up I notice he's glancing at me. "There is a special reason I chose you two to be partners. Anna you are the top of your class here and Ethan you were the top of the class at your old training center. I thought you two would work brilliant together. Now, this year I am taking a different approach with things and you two will be living together."

"What?" I practically yell.

"That is also why I put you two together. I assume you two will respect each others privacy very well. As you know we had a new wing built over the summer and your class will be put there. As for the younger years, you will not be allowed in this wing at all. Any trespassing will result in punishment. You two may take your seats now." For the rest of the group meeting she put the partners together. My roommate, well old roommate, got put together with Nadia. The normal classroom routines and training sessions get talked about. We will be having those as well as the real world training. The younger students all leave and then that leaves us for our meeting. During the first meeting I couldn't help but notice that Ethan kept looking at me. His smoldering gaze had no effect on me though. I did notice that his eyes are like no other eyes I have seen. They are a golden color and I wish I could study them closer, but that would be too much to ask of a stranger. "Hello last years!" Says Principal Davids. "I know the living arrangements may have come as a surprise to some of you, but they were chosen for a certain reason. Now, as you know, you will be heading out into the real world. At first it will be practice out there and then you will be sent on real missions. It will be drawn randomly which group goes onto missions. Once you are drawn, you won't go on another mission until the rest have done it. This will take place instead of your normal training here. Training will be the same here, of course. Except the fact that it will be more one on one for you guys. You will have private trainers for each group. I personally am a trainer with my partner, Robert, for one of your groups. That group would be Anna and Ethan's." I should have known that they would be my trainer. They are the ones that I practically call my family now. I have nobody else besides them and Zara. She is the only person I could get close to since my parents died. I first met Zara when I came here three years ago.

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