Chapter III

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I feel cold and my eyes are closed. I notice my surroundings and notice I'm on a cold floor and my head is laying on someone's lap. I bolt up with shock, only to realize we are in the underground tunnels. I know these so well, I used to walk these for fun. I can tell we are under our training room and notice that the secret door above us is bolted shut now, not just the password keeping us in.

"What happened?" I ask Ethan, once my eyes adjust I realize it's just us and it's his lap I was laying on.

"Someone shot you with this," he says, holding up a blow dart. "We think someone was targeting you because as soon as they shot you they were trying to escape. Emily and Robert sent us down here while they searched for the shooter," he stated. "Not sure why they didn't use a real gun though, I mean, not that I'm complaining because you're still alive," he says, and for the first time I notice a small blush across his cheeks. I get colder and feel that I'm wet from sweat.

"Ethan, I think I know why they shot me with that," I state, feeling a slight dizziness.

"You don't look so good," he says, grabbing my by the shoulders to hold me up.

"Whoever shot that, poisoned it. Get me to the nurse, walk down the hallway to the right and go to the door on the ceiling that has a number 13 on it. That's the medic and the code to get in is 5381, but hurry, I don't feel very well," I say as my eyes begin to close. I feel even colder and begin to shudder. "Bring the dart," I say as I feel him picking me up in his arms. I rest my head against his chest, trying to stay awake.

"Come on Anna, please stay awake," he says as I feel him running with me in his arms. I feel him set me down on the ground as he types in the code to unlock the door. He pushes it open and I hear the sound of the medic's voice. I feel myself being picked up again Ethan walking up the pull down ladder that slants like stairs. He sets me down on a cot and I hear him and the medic, Grace, talking in the background. I feel myself drifting off even more, letting the blackness consume me.


"How long until she wakes up?" I hear a male voice ask before drifting back into sleep.


"It's been two days, is she going to get better before our mission?" I hear someone ask, realizing it's Ethan.

"We hope so, I'm not even sure why someone would be after her," I hear a female voice say.

"Emily, you know that people had been after her parents for a long time and that's why they're dead now. It's most likely to try and kill off the best spy's, we just need to keep looking into who it is," I hear Robert's calm voice state.

"What happens if she doesn't wake up in time," Ethan asks them.

"You'll have to try to do it on your own," Emily says, and I open my eyes seeing that Ethan is on the edge of the bed I'm lying on. I recognize the medical office right away and see Emily and Robert sitting in chairs across from me.

"Not if I can help it," I say, my voice coming out scratchy.

"You're awake!" Ethan says moving closer to where my head is.

"Can I get a glass of water please?" I say, trying to sit up, but not having enough strength.

"Of course," Robert says going to the mini fridge and pulling out a pitcher and pouring me a glass. He gives it to Ethan who helps me sit up and gives me a drink.

"What happened to me?" I say, my voice coming out more like normal.

"You were poisoned by someone," Emily states, pulling a folder out of her bag. "A very strong poison, for awhile, we thought we lost you." She states handing me the folder.

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