Chapter V

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Recap of last chapter

"Take a look at this," I say, handing the old photo of us. He looks at the photo, then at me, then back to the photo.

"No way, I thought you looked familiar! I knew you as more carefree then, but it makes perfect sense now. Wait, you kept that too?" He asks, pulling out the rock.

"Of course I did, it meant a lot," I say, feeling more comfortable around him. That's when he pulls something out of his pocket too. He pulls out a white rock, shining under the light.

"I kept the one you gave me too," he stated, a huge smile on his face, and I couldn't help but to return the smile back.


I watch Ethan as he stands up from the kitchen stool at the counter. Before I know it I'm being lifted into his arms and swung around by him. I hear him chuckle as he sets me down, then he ruffles my hair, "I can't believe that it's you, it's really you," he states, sitting back down.

"I know, I never would've thought we'd be back together again, but fate must be real," I joke, not really believing in fate.

"It must," as he continues to eat his food. "Wait, I just realized I knew your parents. I remember them taking us out to lunch on parents day at camp when mine couldn't make it. Your parents were always so nice to me, again, I'm sorry for your loss. I really liked them," he says, putting his fork down to look at me.

"It's alright, at least they were together, I hope when they died. I honestly felt I've known you my whole life, which makes sense since I basically have," I state, finishing a piece of toast up.

"True, can't believe I shared my first kiss with the girl I thought had cooties when we were little," he winks and I shove his arm. He feigns that I hurt him, grabbing his arm.

"That didn't hurt, and you know it," I laugh, rolling my eyes. I feel completely comfortable laughing around him now, knowing he's someone I can trust. I must admit that as a little girl, I always thought we would date, but life has changed now. Well, not really, I think as I look at his amazing smile. He's grown up, a lot, and I can't help but remember the warm, tingling kiss from yesterday. I shake my head and finish my breakfast.

"Robert left a note. We are supposed to train at 10, they want us to plan out tomorrow. They also wanted to see our chemistry, whatever that means," he says, putting our dishes into the sink.

"I'm going to shower quick then, if you don't mind," I say, retreating to my bedroom.

"I'll hop in after you," he says, sitting on the couch and turning on the TV.

I close the door, quickly taking a shower, washing the last few days events off. It's relaxing to wash away the events of being poisoned, even if it's just for a few minutes. The shower gives me time to think of the floor plan of my old house, noting all the exits. This mission would be hard, but a lot easier with Ethan there, who I can trust even more now. I climb out of the shower, wrapping a towel around myself. I brush my teeth, taking advantage of having the bathroom. I decide to joke around a little with Ethan, so I walk out of my room with just the towel on.

"You can shower now," I say as I walk towards kitchen and grab a glass of water to drink. I lean up against the counter and watch Ethan get up, then he glances my way, and adverts his eyes. I watch as he swallows bards and bee lines towards his bedroom. Before I know it I hear the shower running. I chuckle to myself as I set the glass down then walk back to my bedroom to change for the day. I check my phone, noticing a text from Emily.

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