WW3 Invasion of The Ukraine

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NATO had lost a lot of power when it was time for Russia to invade the Baltic states in 2020. NATO had tried to intervene with the "liberation" of the Ukraine, but nothing could stand in the way of Russia forces setting its sights west. Russia had wanted to put a Red curtain over Europe again. What better than to do it while the worlds greatest super power is begging for mercy from its own people. There plan was to Ally with Iran and help each other take over the middle east and Europe. The only thing that was stalling them was stalling them from doing it at the same time as The New Rising Sun attacks was the UN. Back in 2016 North Korea and China attacked US allies and militarie bases sparking the new rising sun Anexes. They had went against the UN and was attacked by UN forces at every end. Russia knew that if they had attacked at the same time the UN would focus on them making it harder for war, especially across Europe. Coincidentally on February 27th, 2018 2 years into the rising sun anexes the UN building in New York was leveled and UN representatives all dead. On March 14th almost a month after the bombings, the governments presiding the UN decided the best course of action was to withdraw military support from the Pacific defensive. Almost a week later all military bases in the pacific where abandoned and occupied. The Philippines surrendered to the Chinese and North Koreans and South Korea was utterly crushed. The only ally of the US that was not attacked yet was Japan. Although 2 years later The Japanese would surrender to Chinese forces on December 6th, 2019 after nuclear strikes on Shikoku island. The UN forces where wiped out after that.

On January 15th 2020 the Airstrikes of Shostka and Kharkiv would spark the beginning of the end for Ukrainian and NATO forces protecting the country. The airstrikes would last over a month and kill over 25,000 troops and hit high valued targets at the bases and cripple the Ukrainian army from the beginning. By the time Russian forces came across the border into Ukrainian land they where met with almost little to none resistance the Biggest Battle would be over Sevastopol on May 16th, 2020. Sevastopol was where NATO forces where getting supplies and shipments from main bases in the UK, France, and Germany. There over 200,00 NATO and 500,00 Ukrainian Militia and Army men fought for there homes, lives and family. Where over 300,000 Russian troops lost there lives fighting for control over the Kremea Peninsula. NATO troops best strategy was to layer fortify positions to the supply points. So the last stand would be on the fortifications closest to the supply point, but the Ukrainian Militia men where poorly trained and ill equipped compared to the NATO forces. Many NATO troops questioned why give there lives to save the Ukraine and not there home country. The Generals and lead war officials believed that stopping the Russians in the Ukraine would make them lose momentum from the beginning. Making them have to cease hostilities and solving the problem. THe problem with that was the Russian troops where well equipped Heavily Trained and experienced fighters. Only the NATO specialist good match up against them but having 900,000 NATO troops supporting an Army of 1,000,000 against Russian forces going up to  20,000,000 alone has its plain disadvantages.

On the Morning of May 16th Russian troops would have started charging the fortifications around Sevastopol for 7 hours until reaching the next round of fortifications. The Ukrainian militia tried valiantly and repelled the Russians for 7 days until they killed the last troops guarding the resupply post. After that battle NATO troops had to leave the Ukraine to them selves. On January 1st 2021 the Ukrainian Government had surrendered. Giving the Ukraine back to Russian control.

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