Chapter 2

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Natalia POV


I heard my alarm go off right beside me. I pulled my hand from under the cover and slapped it around my dresser trying to turn it off. When my hand finally felt the button I pushed it automatically silencing the noise. I let my hand fall limp onto the ground. I was so tired, and I was debating whether I should get up or sleep in.

However, my eyes shot opened when I remembered that I had an interview. I quickly jumped from my bed letting my feet land on the floor.

I rushed to my closet beside my bed and opened it wide. My eyes were searching for something professional to wear. I wanted to make a good impression especially for an interview. So I picked out a cream colored blouse, and a black knee high pencil skirt with black high heels to match.

Once I had the outfit in my hand I turned around and sat the clothes on the bed, than headed to the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and immediately stripped off my pajamas and stepped in the shower. I washed my body and hair with vanilla scented shower gel and shampoo. After a while in the shower I let the hot water rinse the last contents of soap from my body before I stepped out. I wrapped the towel around my figure drying myself off.

Walking over to the sink, I brushed my hand over the mirror wiping off the steam. My reflection stared right back at me. I had dark brown hair that was curly and shriveled to my shoulders. When straightened it was below my chest. I had light brown eyes, and soft features. My skin was a dark mocha shade, and my body wasn't fat nor skinny but average. I liked the way I looked and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about myself.

I picked up my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. I then sipped a cup of mouthwash into my mouth swishing it around for a minute until I spat it out into the sink. I then focused on my hair. I usually leave the curls in. So I just put my hair into a professional bun and let strands of twirls fall around my face. Once I was satisfied with my look I walked out of my bathroom into my room.

Looking through my drawers I found a matching pair of white panties and bra. I picked up my clothes from my bed and begin to put them on.

Thinking I need to add some accessories to my outfit I walked to my jewelry box and found a pair of diamond earrings and a necklace to match.

I looked at the clock reading 7:30 A.M. I grumbled under my breath seeing how late it was. I had 30 minutes to get there when it was at least a 25 minute drive. I grabbed my purse from my closet and ran out of the bedroom. Once I stepped out Miya came running into me wrapping her little hands around my legs

"Mom pwease don't go stay!" she cried.

Miya, you know Mamma has to go, she'll see you in a little bit." My babysitter named Jane said.

"Yeah, sweetheart Jane is right I'll see you in a little bit okay? I said.

"Pwromise?" Miya asked me.

I bent down so I was eye level to her. I took out my pinky in front of her. She looked at it for a minute before she brought hers up and clenched my pinky with hers, and we both kissed it at the same time, like we always did when we made a promise to each other.

"Pinky Promise." I whispered

She smiled up at me knowing that I will keep the promise. She let go of my hand and gave me a big hug. I held her tightly before I removed my arms. I reeled back and wiped the tears off her face.

"Mommy loves you okay." I smiled

"Love you too, bye mommy" She said.

I stood up and walked to the front the door of my apartment. Before I opened it I turned around and looked at Miya standing beside Jane. I waved and rushed to say bye. After I closed my front door I ran down the flight of stairs into the parking lot.

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