Chapter 1: the crazies

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Y/N P.O.V.
It was a hot sunny day, and you were walking down the street. You knew to stay away from the crazy people house, but you wanted to see what the big deal was about it so you walked right along the lawn. And you hear screaming and throwing and you start to get concerned they were being violent so you decide you are going to knock on the door, so you go up to to the door and knock and worn out women comes to the door her hair is all messed up and she has a lucky aid uniform on. She answers in a gruff voice " what do you want, come on speak up!"  you politely ask if they could quiet down and you lie " ummm... we can hear you down the street"
She glares at you and says " no you can't you're lying to me" "how do you know" you say shocked that she could tell "i can see it in you eyes, now if you will excuse me i have some meatloaf in the oven and it's starting to burn" then you hear the yelling start back up again. And this time you hear crying and screaming. So you leave and call your mom.  Your mom just tells you to come back home before it gets to late. But after you tell her about the lady and the house her tone changes very noticeably she starts to lower her voice as if she where trying not to be heard by others and said" get you butt away from that house you know I told you to stay away from those people. Now come home you dinner is getting cold."
As you eat dinner all you could think about was the yelling in that house are the other people all right. Were those kids being abused. You feel a tear run down your cheek so you decide to stop thinking about that. Your mom asks why you where crying you told her a lie" oh ummm... I saw this dead bird out side while I was walking home and I was just wondering how it died and I guess it made me kinda emotional." You know that she can tell you were lying but she didn't mind. She knew it must be personal if you didn't want to tell her.
After you were finished eating you picked up your plate and paced to the sink.  In you room you lay down on you F/C blanket staring at your F/B ( favorite band) and started to zone out.

A/N--- well that's  end of this chapter. I will be updating soon. But the school took away my computer ( it was a school laptop) so now I have to write on my phone. Which I think I might like it more because I have better grammar check on my phone than I did on my computer. THANKS FOR READING I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING. PLEAAAASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK SO FAR. Bye!!

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