Chapter 4: spring break

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Spring break had already come and you just had to get through two more hours of this hell. Malcolm leans over and asks if you wanted to come over to his house on the second to last day of spring break. His voice had fear and a little bit of lust. You were shocked by this. You just bit you lip smiled and nodded.
After class all you could do was smile. You where smiling while walking down the halls to your next class( which was also with Malcolm) your were just daydreaming off and then you feel an arm around your shoulder " I love your smile" you hear Malcolm say when you look at him he's blushing a lot. People were looking at you weird but you didn't care the guy you've been crushing on since the beginning of the year technically asked you on a date and now is complimenting you with his arm around you. This is the best day ever!
It's the day you planned with Malcolm. You didn't know what to wear so you just found some jeans and a cute plaid shirt to wear. The shirt really showed your curves and you felt weird. You always hide under baggy hoodies and jeans. You wondered if Malcolm even knew you had boobs.
Your walking over to the Address he gave you and you realize that the house he lives in is the crazy house. You shrugged it off and knocked on the door Malcolm answered he grabbed you hand and led you through the house. He allowed you to sit on the bed he sat next to you. First he stares at your face then he looks down and all you can see in his eyes are lust. You were actually quite happy about this but you pretend that you were offended. You cover you chest with your arms bringing them up " this is why I always wear hoodies. This is how every guy looks at me" you pout and a fake tear runs down your face. He hugs you and apologizes and says that it was just a little bit shocking. Reese walks in and screams " wow Malcolm look at that girls honkers. You scored big on this one. If you know what I mean" this made you furious. So you punched Reese in the face making him fall to the ground the you kick him in the stomach luckily for him Malcolm let you at least take you shoes off at the door. You sit down with out looking and end up sitting on Malcolm's lap. "umm... So (Y/N) I really wanted to talk to you about something" Malcolm says you can hear Reese in the background weeping in pain" and that would be ..." you say slightly seductively " will... You perhaps be willing to umm... Go o-out wi-" he was interrupted by you smashing your lips into his. passionately kissing him as he starts to kiss back you start to laugh because you hear Reese crying " I want a girl friend..." Malcolm laughs too and the you hear his mom yelling that it's dinner time. As you sit at the table you are holding hands with Malcolm. His mom clearly noticed but didn't say a word. Until the end he pulled Malcolm out and you heard her ask kinda quietly   " have you kissed her yet if you haven't go do it now cause you need to keep her I like her she a nice girl and trust me if you wanna be a good person she is you only chance.  Cause we both know you have so much more potential than Reese" " HEY GUYS I'M RIGHT HERE " Reese yells
What a strange family
You liked them they were really funny and interesting .
Mean at times but funny and entertaining.

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