Chapter 2:the boy

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It was the last day of summer and you were not looking forward to school. Your mom reassured you that every thing was going to be fine. But what she didn't understand was that you weren't worried you just didn't was to go back. So as usual you went into your room and listened to music on your iPod.

The next day you where in you way to school you were running a bit late but you didn't care. You saw three boys coming out of the crazy house. One had a black eye, one was wearing a purse( Dewey from season 2 episode 11), the other one had a stupid grin and was laughing at the one with the black eye. You felt sorry for the one with the black eye. Even with the injuries you still thought the boy was really cute.

But I mean he must be way out of your league Your mind jeered.

At school you took you seat and the cute boy from earlier sat down next to you he looked and smiled ( you are in the krelboyne class) he smiled at you said he was Malcolm. For the rest of the day the name chimed in your ears like music.

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