Chapter 5: First Date

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It was me and Malcolm's first date and I was so excited. I get up of my bed and walk over to my closet. I choose a black V neck with Galaxy jeggings ( A/n I actually have some for school and they are so cool can't wait to wear them) I go in the bathroom and take my hair out of the bun. As I start brushing my hair my mom starts banging on the door I open it and she runs it pushing me out so I go and use the bathroom downstairs. After I straightened my hair and gotten all tidied up. I put on miss matching socks and my favorite shoes( whatever they might be.)
As I walk out the door I notice a (f/c) dodge convertible parked in my driveway way. I slam the door behind me and run to the car. I see a note from my dad on the door and the keys hanging of the car door " thanks dad!" I whisper to myself. I get in and drive to Malcolm's house.when I got to Malcolm's house he was in the yard fighting with Reese. " What are you guys arguing about this time" I say with a cute giggle. " oh its nothing, it's just Reese broke my microscope right as I was making a very important discovery" Malcom said in an annoyed tone " aww he broke your microscope " you say mockingly " So what I broke your kaleidoscope thing you turned off my music and you know how I feel about my music being turned off in the middle of a song" Reese yelled " what song was it?" I asked politely to see if I should care. " American Idiot " Reese exclaimed with enthusiasm. " I love that song !!" I said and smiled at Reese. " Well we should get going " Malcom said pulling on my arm.
As we arrive at the lake Malcom get really red in the face. " D-Do we have to swim " he said nervously " Not if you don't want to" I say so he'll hopefully calm down. "Well I'm not really the best at exercising so my body isn't ripped like Reese's, I think you like him more than me" " what, no Malcom I have similarities with your brother but I love you and you only. Understand?" I say reassuringly He just smiles and nods his head. We get out if the car and I go into the bathrooms to change into my swimming suit. I'm wearing a black bikini top with black and white basketball shorts. I throw Malcom a pair of black swim trunks. He smiles and goes to put them on.
Me and Malcom are sitting in the grass next to the lake and I notice Malcolm's slight abs " I thought you said you don't workout " I say tracing my fingers along his stomach "When you live with Reese theirs a lot of exercise, But I'm not ripped." " Well it doesn't matter if your ripped or not I love your little abs" I say straddling him and sitting on his lap. He smiled and kissed me on the lips slowly.
That night all I could think about were his cute little abs.

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