Chapter one

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Kakashi was reading his book in the training ground, as usual. He was smiling as he just noticed that he was nearly done with the book.

"Kakashi!" A very familiar voice called him. A voice he wished never did called him. Might Gai.

Kakashi lazily looked up at him as he examined Gai's worried and tired expression. He was panting and sweating along with his squad.

"Gai if it's another rivalry I don't wa-"

"It's not about that!" Gai exclaimed shocking Kakashi. He knew Gai since they where kids. He wouldn't be this serious not until it's really really important.

"What is it?" Kakashi asked worriedly as he stood up and placed his book back in his pocket. Gai placed his hands on Kakashi's shoulders as he looked into his eye.

"It's Kit-Kat and Yuki" Gai said sadly. "Their village was ambushed and Only few survivors left... Katori was able to bring them here just on time..."

Kakashi stepped back a bit at disbelief. "What?..." he muttered. he heard it perfectly but he just wants to make sure what he heard was right.

Tears were running down his face as he and Gai was running towards the hospital, where the people seemed so busy that some of the injured were being healed outside as well.

Kakashi ran to the front office and asked for the room number of Kitsune Tomoko.

"Oh I'm very sorry Mr. Hatake but she's still being operated... but if you want to see it's taking place in the third floor the very end of the second corridor" said the lady. Kakashi thanked her and rushed to the third floor leaving Gai and his squad behind.

"What's happening anyway?!" TenTen asked already fed up with not knowing what's going ok.

"It's kakashi's family... their seriously hurt" Gai said as he started to catch up with Kakashi, who couldn't control his tears no more.

Kakashi made a sudden stop when he faced the second corridor. There stood and tall raven haired male. He was covered in bandages but there were still visible cuts and bruises. He looked at him sadly. Gai's squad stopped right behind him as he walked slowly up to the male.


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"Katori..." Kakashi started.

"She's... still being operated... Kakashi" the male, known as Katori, said sadly as he walked passed Kakashi slowly. He continued to watch Katori's struggle in walking. "I think you should help Her Kakashi." The male pointed something behind him before walking away. "I will just see to our ninjas... and how many of my ninjas are badly injured." He explained before walking past the new group of ninjas. Giving Gai a pat on the shoulder before fully exiting.

"Daddy?" Kakashi turned his attention to where the small voice came from. His eyes stared at the young girl filled with wounds, burns and bruises. Her felt eye was bandaged up just like the rest of her body.

Kakashi ran up to her and hugged her tightly. "Yuki!" He said as the young girl cried out 'daddy'. He carried her, still continued to hug her. "Sh sh sh... its alright... it's alright... Daddy's here now... everything will be alright" he said in a hushed tone.

The girl, Yuki, shook her head. "No it's not! I-I'm the reason!" She cried harder. Kakashi just kept of telling her that it wasn't her fault. That it was the bad ninjas.

"Let's get you fixed... i think mommy would want that Yuki.." he said sweetly as he walked up to a nurse and asked for help.

Meanwhile Gai's squad was just there watching what was happening. They didn't seem to understand. Who were they?

"Gai sensei... who is that girl?" Neji asked.

Gai, who kept an eyes on the two white haired people, sighed heavily. "That girl is Chidori Yukiko Hatake... My rival's daughter... and the girl being operated is his wife Kitsune Tomoko... Katori is her older brother" he explained.

"How old is she?" TenTen asked.

"Nine" Gai answered. "Poor girl... she's too young to experience an ambush... to young yo see her mother nearly killed."

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed it! Oh! And for those who read the old version of the old chappy I am very very sorry if i confuse you... I was thinking of some what changing my story! See you all in the next chappy!

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