Dragon Tirant

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The sleep was dreamless, I woke up at the crack of dawn and packed up a few things to take into the Sapphire forest. I dressed in my armour and slipped on my helmet, as I was walking down the stairs Neos came running to me "what is it?" "It's the Princess...she's not in her chambers or anywhere on the grounds" I dropped my bag and ran out of the palace heading through the gardens towards a secret spot only me and her knew of. When I got there, she was sitting on a rock but Hawkeye had found her first "you really shouldn't run off like that Ruby" she stood up "Hawkeye accompanied me the whole time it's clear the other knights didn't get the message" I grunted lowly "I won't be around for the next few days...I think it's about time I finish my training" I walked away and headed back to the palace "the princess is fine...I shan't be here for a few days" I walked out and made my way to the Sapphire forest.

The legend says that there is a cave by a Sapphire waterfall and if you can part the waterfall with your breath you are allowed to pass into the temple of the Dragon.

I walked through the forest until I reached the Sapphire waterfall. I sat down in front of it and closed my eyes "I am a dragon, I am a dragon, I am a dragon!" I blew out a breath of air and the water fall parted. I stood up and entered the cave, the walls were engraved with the legend that was the Dragon Tirant. The current master was meditating in front of a Ruby statue of a dragon, I kneeled as a mark of honour "I wish to learn the ways of the Dragon" the master stood up and walked over to me "I have been waiting for you Yokai" I stood up and followed him through the cave "in this cave holds 8 dragon eggs that wait for their master to arrive...trust your instinct and choose which dragon shall be yours" I walked into the lit room and examined the eight eggs:one was red with blue spots, one was silver with four red spikes on the top, one was blue with a yellow spiral on it, one was a dark green with small green bumps around it, one was white with red splatter on it, one was a bright purple with white lightning marks on it, one was brown with a scale pattern on it and finally the last one was black with lightning patterns on it. Following my instincts I stepped forward and rubbed the silver and the black egg, they glowed a dim white. The mater stepped forward shocked "there has only been one person that can tame and train the Darkness and Lightning dragons...Hikaru...your great ancestor" I looked up at him "how was I destined to become the Dragon Tirant?" He smiled "your mother was a Wolf Tirant but was very weak, your father was a Dragon Tirant...well he is the Dragon Tirant" my eyes widened "father" he smiled "you have grown into a very handsome woman" I backed away "where's my mother?" He sighed "I'm sorry Yokai...she died not long after you were born, she rests within this cave" I followed him and found a grave with the same symbol that was engraved on my armour "that symbol belonged to your mother, the helmet belongs to me" I kneeled at the grave and placed my hand on it "your a legend but your name isn't" he kneeled beside me "the names Tai" I stood up "well then Tai...you've missed 16 years better start making it up to me" he smiled "just like your mother...she'll be very proud" he stood up and we walked back to the Dragon room "how old are you?" He chuckled "I'm 43 the youngest dragon master of this generation, you will be the youngest of this generation" I rubbed the Dragon eggs warming them "they'll hatch very soon once they do your training will begin" I sat down in front of the Dragon statue in the front room "best get a early start in meditation"

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