You're back

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I reached the main palace, my old home. I looked at Dar and Rai "stay out of sight...i'll call you when it's safe" they nodded and ran off. I sighed and entered the castle, the guards raised their weapons at me "Hunter?" I smiled "Neos...been a while huh?" He stepped forward and hugged me "certainly has...shall I alert the Princess?" I shook my head "no...Dar! Rai!" My two friends ran in "these two dragons are not to be harmed...otherwise you'll face the wrath of the new Dragon Tirant" I walked past the guards and up to the second floor where I knew Ruby was. I sniffed the air and took a sharp left. She changed rooms, I entered the room quietly Dar and Rai behind me. I saw Hawkeye and Ruby gazing out of the window "there has been no sign of her Ruby...I think it's time to let go" I slammed the door "well either your guards are very dense or your just not looking hard enough" they turned around "Hunter?" I smirked "miss me?" Dar and Rai stood up into their human forms "you're back" Ruby hugged me "three years you were gone! Three years!" She sobbed into my chest "you're married now am I right?" She nodded. I glanced up at Hawkeye "still the leader of the guards?" She nodded "well...keep that role, I have to speak to your dad...he might not make it out alive after I'm through with him" I turned to Dar and Rai "get the other eggs from the cave...bring them here and hatch them" they nodded and ran off. I heard a sword unsheathing "I can't allow any harm coming to the king" I chuckled and walked over to her "you honestly think you could hurt aren't ready...yet" I leaned forward and kissed her. Once she relaxed against me I pulled away and ran to the King's throne room. Thirsty for blood.

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