Game Time

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Once me and Hawkeye returned from the cave, we looked upon our arms to find that we now had tribal markings to symbolise our soul bond. Mine being a Hawk and her's being a wolf. We kissed and felt fireworks
"I love you baby"
I smiled "i love you too, come on we have to start planning and the rest of the dragon eggs must be hatched"she nodded and we walked back to the tirant cave where the others were waiting

"You know caved echo right? Ruby said we both blushed and Rai chuckled "shut it you" she just continued "come on, lets head back" we walked back to the castle and into the furnace room where we noticed movement where the eggs currently lay. As me, Hawkeye and Ruby sat down to examine the eggs the doors slammed open
"Ruby, where have you been i had sent for you 10 minutes ago?!" He damanded storming over to her, i stood up and drew my sword. Solaris and Lunar (his sister) drew their swords ready to protect the king "stand down you are not her protector" i chuckled "i never stood down as her protecter, you may be the king but my alegance lies with her" he backed off and looked at the eggs
"Are they ready to hatch?" Keeping my sword at my side, i nodded "yes, they'll hatch in the next few hours" he smiled wickedly "they'll make fine additions to my army" i growled but Hawkeye kissed my neck "calm down" i grunted "they are for a bigger plan and they must grow first" he glanced over at me before approaching Rai "and what might that plan be?" I smirked "sorry my king but that is classified information" he turned on the spot and glared at me "i am the king, i know everything" i snarled "you forget that the Dragon tirants have a power way above royalty, or did they forget to mention that?" He grunted and stood back to the safety of his guards "the dragon tirants were thought to be extinct, i ignored that part" a fire coloured aura began to engulf me "the dragon tirants live in me, therefore you will understand my authority and my secrecy" he backed down "very well, Ruby come" Ruby reluctantly got up and followed him with Blaze hot on her heels. They door slammed shut, i sighed
"What now?" I looked at my lover "well, hopefully you'll be pregnant and we'll find that out in a few days until then, we must hatch these eggs today" she nodded and hugged me "ok my love, y'know despite the reasoning behind this, i'm glad to be hopefully carrying your kid" i laughed "so am i, i love you" "i love you too" one of the eggs hatched exploding bits of shell came flying at us.

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