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I opened the door and there stood the king "your majesty what brings you to my chambers at this hour, you could've summoned me" I opened the door wider and allowed him to enter, he sat on the bed "Hunter, you have been the best knight a king could ever ask for...but I'm afraid I have to relieve you of your duty" I walked over to my dresser where I kept my whiskey;I poured me and him a glass. I passed it to him "and why is that my lord?" He sighed "Hawkeye has performed outstandingly and the future king of this land finds your skills unsatisfactory" I grunted "he hasn't even seen my in action my lord" he nodded "even Hawkeye has tried explaining to him but he won't listen...I have persuaded him to keep you on the land so you will not have to leave but from now on Hawkeye will be responsible for protecting my daughter and her soon to be husband" I stood up "your daughter won't take to kindly to this news" he stood up and walked to the door "I know Yokai...I know" he left, I leaned against the window "that prince is a fool" the door opened "forgive me for interrupting Hunter" I sighed "Hawkeye" I turned around and gulped my whiskey "care for a drink?" She shook her head "I'm good...listen Hunter, I don't want you to think that I've asked to take your place...your skills are phenomenal but the Prince" "I know how the prince thinks of me...but I'll say this I will not help unless Ruby's life is in danger understand?" She nodded, I poured another glass of whiskey "I shall leave you to it Hunter" "Yokai" she turned around "huh?" "It's Yokai" she smiled "your lucky to have a name" and with that she left me oom shutting the door softly.

I drank my whiskey and headed to bed. I laid down and fell asleep.

I jolted up in a cold sweat, I sat on the edge of my bed panting hard as I tried to regain my breath. I got out and grabbed my bathrobe then left the room to walk to the balcony near my room. I glanced at the grandfather clock on my way past:2:30 I was only asleep for a hour. I stepped into the cool breeze of the night to discover I was not alone "Ruby?" She looked at me tears in her eyes "promise me you'll still be with me" I nodded and walked over before leaning against the banister "I promise" she looked at me "what are you doing here?" "Nightmare...listen I'm thinking of hearing to the Sapphire forest to find my true Tirant" Tirant was the special ability possessed by a few people, I was destined to become the Dragon Tirant "why now?" I grunted "got nothing better to do" I sighed "I'll find the guy who is the current Dragon Tirant and ask to be trained under his guidance" "the Dragon Tirant is a rare sight, I obtained my Hawk Tirant last year" we turned around and found Hawkeye "this is the third time we've met on the same night...why do you persist in going everywhere I go?" She rubbed the back of my neck "I actually came to see the Princess" she walked over and kneeled before her "I'm outta here" I walked back to my room and sat on the bed "what are these nightmares?"

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