Blood Thirst

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I burst through the Kings chambers where he sat upon his throne, I unsheathed my sword

"You dare challenge my skills, you deem me unworthy of protecting those who I hold most dear to me?!"

Guards rushed towards me only to be slain by my blade, I pointed it at him and walked forward "you don't deserve to be never have" I raised my sword ready to strike him down

"Yokai! Stop!"

I turned around and saw Ruby, the King laughed and kicked the sword from my hand and unsheathed his own

"You're a fool Hunter...always have always will" I whistled and smiled "I am no fool" Dar and Rai ran through the doors and stood either side of me "you are the fool, your majesty" I backed away "Dar, Rai...attack!" They advanced forward but Ruby and Hawkeye stood in front of him "you will not harm the King!" Ruby stepped forward "Yokai...its me" I growled "you've forgotten so much ever the past few years...please I don't want him to die" I kneeled on the ground "I am sorry my queen...forgive me" Dar and Rai backed off and stood beside me, I stood up and glared at the King "our battle isn't over...just remember I am loyal to Ruby and not to you" I left the chambers and went to my old bed chambers. I sat on the bed, the door opened and Hawkeye walked in "why'd you kiss me?" I smiled and chuckled "I had to make sure you wouldn't hold me back...a dragon Tirant kiss is like a tranquilliser, paralyses my victims but I also done it for another reason" I stood up and removed her armour "I want you to be mine"

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