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"An ancient prophecy?" I nodded "it is said that there will be a war between two kingdoms, a war for the dragon eggs" i looked down "i brought them here so they could be safe" Ruby tilted my chin up "there's more isn't there?" I nodded "it is also said that a child will be born near the end of the war of dragon and hawk descent" i stood up and walked to the window "me and Hawkeye are destined to have a child together" Ruby squeeled and hugged me "oh, i'm so happy" i sighed "i don't know how she is going to react" "why don't you ask me yourself?" I turned around and was faced with my lover "Hawkeye?" She walked forward "tell me this Yokai, do you really love me and you want to be with me, not for the sake of this prophecy?" I walked over to her and kissed her "i love you, more than life itself" she smiled and hugged me "that's all i needed to hear" i smiled back and held her close "come on, you should bond with your dragon egg" I turned to Ruby, your welcome to come as well if you'd like. She shook her head "i'm gonna spend sometime with my husband" i nodded and led Hawkeye to the furnace room "let your instincts guide you" she walked forward and placed her hand on the red egg with blue spots. I grinned "fire dragon?" She nodded and gently rubbed the egg, it began to glow a faint red. I removed my armour and shirt "since we will be mated, i'll help you hatch your egg, take your shirt and armour off" she complied, i picked the egg up and sat down "sit in front of me" she did and i placed the egg in between her legs "trust me" i placed her hands on the egg. I kissed her neck and placed my.hands atop hers "you'll have to form a bond with the dragon early on" she leaned back onto my shoulder "any reason why we're shirtless?" I chuckled "well, we can share body heat, dragons have high body heat so it'll hatch faster" she nodded "so what kingdom will we be going to war with?" I sighed "the king's previous kingdom:Remmint" she looked at me "what? We are at a time of peace, we should warn the King" i shook my head "one often secures one's path in an attempt to stop it" i stood up and checked the other eggs "things have to take it's course if we are to ensure that the dragons will be ready to fight"

Authors note:i'm back! sorry it has taken so long to update, been busy with school.

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