7 • The Night Of The Party

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Iza's POV

I noticed Azito looking a little nervous during art class. Although he was at the other end of the room from me, I did tend to stare at him a lot.

He normally does, but this was different - he was sketchy. At the same time, I noticed Kahna also looking sketchy, staring at Azito like he was a foul beast, with mucus hanging out his over grown nose.

But he wasn't. However, I wish he was - that would help with our plan, at least.

At the end of art class, I walked over to Azito and started panicking as I noticed him shaking and gripping his arms. What had happened? He was actually scared?

I placed my hand upon his shoulder to get his attention, and he turned his head towards me.

"Hello," he said; his voice was croaky and shuddered a lot. He was shaken up - never before had I seen him in such a state.
"Hey, you okay?" I asked, obviously wanting to know what was up with him. He raised his head up in slight alarm when he realised I was concerned.
"Nothing, why?" He said. I knew he was hiding something from me, and he should have knew that I wasn't stupid.
"I'm not stupid, just tell me, Azito!" I was raising my voice a little with every word, as I knew this wasn't going to be easy.
"I told you, there is nothing wrong with me!" He was shouting now, and people outside could probably hear me and him and our exchange.
"Just tell me! I seriously couldn't care, you know that! Please, Azito!" I was begging for him to tell me when, to my shock, he actually did. He seemed reluctant, but hey, at least I got it out of him.
"I messed up..." Azito said, sliding down the wall and holding his head in his hands. "I can't believe it. Kahna...it's Kahna. She knows. She knows something! I'm sure of it. She was looking at me... did she look over your shoulder, Iza? While you had... the book out?"

He was beginning to turn weak and pale, and he was beginning to shudder when tears gracefully streamed down his face. He was crying.

Why was he so worried?

Nobody saw what I wrote... no-one saw anything, did they?

Did they?

Holding every bit of great madness I had inside of me, I was trying to be as nice as possible, so I could stick to my promise.

And he could stick to mine. We made a promise, on that day. He swore. I swore.

We did know each other a little too well, so he probably knew what was going through my head. But just in case he didn't, I pulled a sickly sweet smile.

He knew.

Tears streamed down his face as he was obviously scared, scared our friendship, as it was crumbling down into oblivion.

It wasn't, though. Not for me. I would not let that happen, never!

"It is okay, just don't do anything stupid, and I'll make sure I don't, either..."

I said. I was calming down a lot.

"I-I wont!" He said, straightening his back and bravely smiling.

Ugh, why? This is really stupid.

I looked down, my eyes intense and the top half of my face shadowed profusely.

I held my arm down.

"Good. Now, let's go..."

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