6 • The Promise

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Azito's POV

Iza had a grim look on her face. It was so frightening to see her looking so morbid.

I mean, she often looked stern, but... never like this. Never before had I seen her face so pale, so blank and heartless. It didn't compliment her face at all.

She brushed back a piece of blonde hair and looked me in the eye.

"I've been thinking," she said. "Like, up all night, thinking. Deeply. About our possibilities. Our power."

I felt my eyes widen. Where was this going? What was she rattling on about?

She had a strange, unfamiliar look in her eyes, now. Almost insanity.

"How we don't deserve this," she said, standing tall and facing me. "We could get what we deserve, Azito. I know how."

I couldn't utter a response. I'd lost the words that I had to say.

Deep down, I knew this was going to a dark place. That her intentions, her plan, was bad in some way.

But why, why, god, why?

Why didn't that stop me from listening on?

Why didn't I feel like she was crazy? Like she was a villain?

Why did my heart skip a beat, and why did my eyes light up when she told me her plans in detail, and how, together, we could get what we deserve?

We stared at each other intensely. Blue met green - flame and thunder. Light and dark.

And then, we sealed the pact.

We exchanged words.

We held hands and made our promise.

So, that settled it.


Iza's POV

That day, I felt refreshed. Happier than usual.

At lunch, I sat with my bag at the foot of the hill, eating my food and smiling slightly at the sky above me.

I heard Summer's laugh and Kahna's quiet chuckle. They were nearby, huh?

A grin crept onto my face.

"Hey!" I emerged from behind the tree, flashing a smile and waving at the two.

Summer waved. "Hi!"

Kahna smiled and raised her shoulders, squeezing her eyes shut in a friendly manner.

"So, what about the party..?" Summer asked, referring to her invitation she'd sent me before. I looked her in the eye, like I did with Azito just hours before.

It was clear she and Kahna doubted that I'd accept their invite. It was also clear that they wanted me to come, as they'd tightened their fists and winced as they waited for my response.

I puffed out my chest.

"I'll come."

I said.

Both Kahna and Summer's eyes widened.

"Woah? Really?!" Kahna burst out, grinning immediately.

Summer cheered, jumping up and fist pumping the air. "Woohoo!"

She grabbed both mine and Kahna's hands, and we spun around, those two cheering and screaming in delight, as I smiled softly and joined in.


Maybe this wasn't so bad.

Shame it would have to end so soon.

I waved them off and headed back behind the tree, where I slumped down and opened my book.

However, I did not feel the chill of a shadow looming over my shoulder. The shadow that could see my deepest secrets.

My plans.

My eyes, now red and bloodshot with insanity and lust, staring down at the pages as I tore my way through them.

It wasn't until I heard a gasp, that I knew the shadow was gone.


Azito's POV

I sat in art, drumming my pen against the desk rhythmatically.

The door opened, and in came Summer's friend, Kahna. She seemed...she seemed grim.

I looked her in the eye and flashed a small smile, to which she shrunk back in horror and choked out a small gasp.

I raised an eyebrow in disinterest as she took her seat beside me, and I turned to her.

I tried to speak, but she just shuddered.

She looked at me like I was a monster.

What do you know, Kahna?

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