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"I... I'll be here..."


Azito's POV

Iza and I hung innocently around the front of the school. We smiled, greeted people and seemed pretty genuine.


I looked at Iza. I'd never seen her so overjoyed, in all honesty.

She looked me dead in the eye, and I knew.


She was leaving the school, and Kahna wasn't with her - a rare opportunity had risen for me and Iza. We were not going to leave that opportunity in the dust.

Shall we wait for her to see us, or shall we dive right in?


She spotted us first, thankfully.

She widened her eyes, and scampered right over to us, that lovely orange hair flying behind her as she bounced with every step she took.

Those amber eyes, so full of life.

NoT fOr LoNg.

I grinned at her. Iza did, too.

"What is it, you guys?" she asked, almost seeming bashful and flattered. Oh, Summer. You're so silly. So positive. So...


You're weak and pathetic, Summer. You're just going to let it happen to you, aren't you? You won't do a thing. You wouldn't have the heart to cry for help and let your precious friends get in trouble.

I flashed a charming grin at her, and she returned it.

"Hey, Summer," Iza giggled, covering her mouth to contain her excitement. "Come see this."

She started to walk off, and I followed, slowly. It looked like I was coming to see what Iza was showing here, too.

Summer! Idiot, idiot, idiot!

She followed us, without a question. She didn't even glance at us like we were odd.



Kahna's POV

My breath ripped out in rags, and I tore around the school, absolutely desperate to reach my friend in time. Before those... psychopaths did something that I'd make them regret.

I mean, they probably wouldn't regret it.

But honestly, if they do anything to her -

I'll make them regret it.

I pushed past people, unaware of whatever they were doing. This was about me, my friend, and her life.

Tears flew from my eyes as I ran.

Come on, Summer! Hold on!

Just a bit longer! Don't let go! Fight, with all you've got!

Don't let those creeps ruin you!


Iza's POV

This is what I was waiting for.

Summer followed us behind the school. I had everything planned, and it was perfect.

Everything was going to work out. It was in my book, and I always knew it would work like this. It was destined to.

This was mine, Azito's and the school's destiny.

I looked at Azito and flashed him my eyes, the signal. He knew, and then scrambled to go and get something.



I led Summer over to the bins, the wheeled ones with the lids that could easily be sealed.

The bins that could be rolled into the sea, without a trace.

I opened the lid of the bin, and made her stare into it.

"Can you see?"

I asked.

"See what?" she asked, her smile fading slightly, as she obviously picked up what I'd been putting down for so long.

I smiled, as I spoke my twisted words.

"See how your kindness has cost you your life?"

And with that, Azito came up behind her, smashing a rock into the back of her head.

I should've expected what she'd do next. I should've expected the mess.

The blood from her head sprayed all over both me and Azito, all over our uniform and our faces.

It was amazing.

She let out an ear piercing scream, but I clasped my hand over her mouth before she could utter another sound.

I then kicked her gently in the knees, knocking her down into a stance. She looked at the ground, her orange-brown eyes beginning to fade as the light inside them disappeared.

I was very gentle with her, almost to pay my respects.

Before the funeral.

However, I felt something I didn't expect to feel, and brushed it away just as quickly as it came.

She fell onto her stomach, as I gently set her down.

"Shh..." I said quietly, lowering her down.

She weakly smiled, eyes dropping as she uttered some words to us.


She asked me, the sun reflecting in her eyes.

I didn't respond, but she went on.

"I forgive you... go and get me some help, won't you?"

I nodded my head, noticing a cold feeling on my cheeks.


I tasted salt in my mouth, and placed a hand to my blood stained face.

Then, we realised - both me, and Azito.

We'd done it.

I gripped his wrist, and we looked each other in the eye.

Then, we ran into the sunset, away from Summer.

What a mess we made.

Summer's eyes finally shut, and she reached out a hand for the two of her friends weakly, smiling one last time.

"I'll be here..."

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