11 • I hate myself

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Azito's POV

Was this another mood swing?


I was shaking with fear and was fighting back my tears after realising what I had done to Summer - the girl who was so kind to us, the girl whom would end my happiness because of my own greed.

And god forbid the actions I would do against her.

Why was I like this?

Why did I do these things?

We finished packing up and we grabbed our clothes- I wiped my tears  with the back of my hand, and we set off.

I had more bags than Iza, as I often lifted weights for fun, sort of like a mini work out, but I only did that to impress Summer, in all honesty.

That is not what I achieved. I achieved something worse - much worse.

After running for about three minutes, we began walking, as we felt like we were a comfortable distance from the town.

Iza's aunt's house was on the edge of town, meaning we could get away from town if we wanted to easily.

We walked through the forests eventually. They were thick with vegetation, and had a funny smell.

There wasn't really a point in us carrying on. If we were discovered, we'd be killed.

Both me and Iza screamed when we walked around the last corner, clutching our heads in hysteria.

And this was it. I couldn't do this anymore.

I was going where she was.


Kahna's POV

I hate this forest.

It would slim my chances of finding them! It was so big, so that's why I expected them to be here.

'Where would two psychopaths go?' I questioned.

I saw they had an escape plan, however. In that dreaful book.

Plan B for after page 666 - to run from 'reality'.

There would be no reality after this - after I was finished ripping their eyes and organs out for what they did to Summer.

I don't care if I stoop to their level, or become just like them.

They will pay.

They may already be scared of me. They should be.

I will stick to my promise.

I will avenge Summer.

After clambering through the forest for about an hour, I finally made it to Iza's side.

I slipped behind a trunk upon recognising their voices, and pressed my back against the moss as I listened in.

"Iza. I hate myself for what we did!"

Azito... right?

He was crying!

He regrets what he did!

I swear that kid is bi-polar!

"Who cares, Azito? Our lives are fixed. And we have no-one to stop us. Not even Kahna."

I saw her flash a re assuring smile.

How foolish of Iza to think that. She was so stupid.

"Maybe so," Azito said, as if a ton lay on his shoulders.

There will soon be a ton of rocks on top of both of them.

That was it. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth as I stepped from behind the trunk, my green hair messy, and my eyes dark.

"You think I'm gone now?" I said solemnly, staring at them with an almost psychotic face. I felt myself twitch once or twice.

"Oh crap! Run, Azito! Run!" Iza said quickly, as he was about to run.

"No!" Azito yelled. He tearfully he ran up to me and hugged me tight, his arms around me. He started to sob.

Iza stood, emotionlessly staring as her hair ruffled in the breeze.

I felt it in my heart. He truly was sorry.

"What is this for?" I said in disgust, just to see his reaction.

"I am so sorry!" He cried.

That was it. I couldn't hate him. There was no way.

I am taking him to the doctor's. I know there is something wrong with him.

"Come with me. I forgive you." I said, and hugged him back.

"What about-" he began, his eyes leaking tears.

"Do not start about her. Please..." I sadly whispered. He looked up at me and nodded grimly.

And with that, we headed for the doctor's surgery, him unkowing.

Iza just stood there, eyes shadowed. She looked so emotionless that it was almost sad.

"Hey, that is him!"

A voice cut through from the other end of the forest.

Oh, god, no.

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