Chapter 6

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Prince pov

Oh thank god! Roc, your alive! Jen says as she runs over to roc, giving him a gentle hug.

Roc- I'm not gonna die cuzzo. Not today.

Roc looks around seeing me and the cop. "What the hell is a cop doing here Prince!"

I look at Prodigy. "Why don't you tell him 'cop'. "

Prod- look we can discuss that later. We need to get you to a hospital

"No, I'm okay. It's just my shoulder. All I need is a bathroom." Roc says

I take Roc into the bath room to help him wrap up his shoulder.

"Yo Prince"


"Why in the hell did I get shot and why is that cop over here?"

" that's a long story"

" nigga, you know I got the time for it"

"Ight so..., jenn and I both cheated.... I spent the night... The pastor was gay... the cop gave me a ticket... i found a condom in the bed... The cop comes back... Pulled out his came running up in the room like you was the FBI, we both panicked and well, you know the rest"

"We'll damn I would have been better off in prison"

We shared a laugh.

When we finished we came back into the bedroom with prodigy and jen, then we heard the door.

"When is this shit going to end" I say irritated

"Baby please go get the door" Jennifer pleads

"He'll no! I'm not letting any body up in this house"

Prod- I'll get it

Prod glances at me and says " man of the house my ass"

I stop him and decide to get the door. I pick up my gun, placing it in my waist band.

"Who ever is at the door, imma put their ass on blast"

I open up the door and sigh. It's Rosy the nosy, my old ass neighbor. She got on her weave cap and a spatula in her hands. I just had to laugh. She really thought that spatula can measure up to a gun. I manage to shoo her away by telling her some of what happened.

I go back up stairs only to see that Prodigy left.

Prodigy's pov

I get into my car and get right on the phone. Backing up out of the drive way I shake my head "lemme get up out the crazy ass house".

My wife picks up, "babe where were you?, I was worried about you" she asks

"I know, I know. I had to take care of police business"

"Are you ok?"


"Do you need anything"

"No I'm ok Ciara. I'm coming home now.

"NO! I mean that's ok. I still got some cleaning to do so just take your time. I want the house to be perfect for you.

"Ok, love you bye"


That was weird.

I pull up to my house. As soon as I step into the house she rushes to the door. She is naked under her robe, thats kinda weird but i didn't question it. She kisses me on the cheek and says "I was in the restroom "