Chapter 1

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No one's P.O.V

"Italian "

'Thought '

"Angry/ demonic voice "

No one's P.O.V.

It was a peaceful day at the Vongola Mansion, there's a brunet who's already 29 years old sitting on his lavender sit signing paperwork that's caused by his lovely Cloud Guardian and Mist Guardian.

' Stupid paper works, why can't I just burn them, oh yeah that's right! Because their fire proof! If they make any kind of messed Inside the mansion I won't hesitate to froze them in one year!' He thought while releasing a dark aura.

" Juudaime, sorry to interrupt you... umm how should I say this.. Here's another 3 stack of paperwork's " the storm guardian said rather quickly behind the door, he could already sense the K.I. of his boss and now he's sweating bullets, " come in Hayato " he replied. The guardian also known as Gokudera Hayato came in and saw his boss smiling sweetly and a dangerous glint on his eyes, he gulp and no smiling nervously at him " so tell me Hayato, what damage did they do This time " he said.

" Ummm.. Hibari, destroyed half the the training room, the pineapple head almost destroy some of the villages, and Yakyuu -Baka broke something... " he said rather slowly, and closed eyes. He open his left eye to see the reaction of his boss and found out that he's smiling really sweetly. All he could think now is to escape of his boss wrath.


They heard the loud explosion out side. They rushed outside only to see that all of his guardians are already on their fighting stance, weapons out. Once the smoke was cleared they saw the Estraneo Famiglia " PREPARE TO DIE DECIMO!! "Shouted the boss of the Estraneo. They started the war, until Vongola wins, they we're busy talking each other about their wins that they didn't notice that one of the enemy we're holding a gun and point it to Vongola Rain guardian, no one notice until they heard a 'thud' they turned around and saw their precious boss on the ground. They rushed to his side and saw he was being shot, the cloud and the mist first time working together and went to beat the person who shot their boss. " Juudaime! Please don't leave us! " shouted Hayato hoping his boss won't die, " Bossu, please don't leave us " the girl who has the same pineapple hairstyle, " SAWADA! DON'T MOVE AN INCH! I'LL TRY TO HEAL YOUR WOUNDS! " Ryohei shouted, the brunet shook his head saying he couldn't live long " Minna, come here " he said calling the others by his side he tried to sit but failed miserably and ended up coughing " I won't be staying for too long, so please take care of yourself, protect Lambo and the others okay? Promise me that all of you won't kill... " he said until he lost his final breath.


" Tsu-kun... I heard that your being bullied..." a lady who had short brown hair and brown eyes, while she stare at her son. Her son slam his hand on the desk and glare at her mother " NOW THAT YOU CARED ABOUT ME!! YOU ALREADY SAW ME COVERED IN BRUISES AND CUTS, I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! " he shouted while crying and ran outside his mother calling after him. He ran and ran until..


He was hit by a car, " TSU-KUN!" his mother yelled, she shake the body of her son telling him to wake up, minutes passed by when the ambulance took him to the hospital, she stayed there until 4 hours passed no one came out, silently praying for God for the safety of her son.

Vongola Decimo's world

"Tsu-chan, do you want to live again?"
Someone ask, the brunet noded and said " I wanna live again, but I'm too tired, I wanna fall asleep but my family needs me"
"How about I'll send your soul to another world?" The albino ask, Tsuna just shrug it of telling the albino to do what he wants to.

The albino also known as Byakuran, smiled at Tsuna, " you ready Tsu-chan?" He asked the brunet noded


" Where am I?" I ask I opened my eyes and saw a white ceiling , someone was holding hands and saw a pair of hands on holding my left hand, "kaa-San?" I said a little low, Tsu-kun? Tsu-kun!" She said, and hug me sobbing on my arm " shhh, every thing is alright kaa-san" I said while stroking her hair.

"Tsu-kun I though I'd lose you" she said I pat her head like a kid and smile lovingly at her, I kissed her forehead telling that I'm fine.. "When will I leave here? " I ask " hmm, the doctor said after 3 weeks" she said and I only nod.

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