Chapter 35

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He read it, and lifted troubled eyes to meet my own. "There's somewhere we need to go, come." He took my hand, and we left my apartment together. He drove downtown, a part of town I didn't hang around—the refurbished housing area, where alot of the wealthy kids rented apartments.

He pulled up in front of Clarksville High School. Getting out, we walked toward the double doors, and he pressed on the intercom that was hidden behind some ivy. The door clicked and swung open, I followed him curious. My eyes searched the hallway for clues as to our destination, we came to a door.

Nate knocked, I looked at him, "What are we..." The door opening cut me off, my eyes met Eliza's. She looked us both over, before motioning us inside. She looked outside and then shut the door behind us.

Ashe and Neil were sitting in front of a T.V. When they saw us, they each stood and walked over, meeting us half way across the room.

A door shut in the back, and soon after, Erik came from the back. He looked like he'd just come from a shower his thick brown hair was still wet.

Ashe leaned against the kitchen counter, "You've come back, only to bring her with you?"

Nate glared at Ashe, "I explained myself enough to you before, and we have more important business."

Ashe exchanged glances with the others, straightening, "You do, but I think you need to clear something up, about us to your girl."

Nate glanced down, only to meet my curious glance, "She doesn't need to know that information."

He turned his gaze towards Ashe. "She knows enough now, enough to put her in danger."

Eliza crossed her arms. "I disagree." She turned to face me, "You know that Nate is a Seelie. Do you know what that is?"

Hesitating, I nodded yes. "But only from the internet and several books about it. You are fairies, or rather, descendants of the Tuath De Denaan."

Eliza eye's seemed to spark with admiration, "She's smart. Well, if you know that, then you would understand that Thanatos is a prince, the son of our King."

I remembered him mentioning the title prince, but I'd hadn't given it much thought, I glanced up at him, "You're really a prince?"

He nodded, shortly, his eyes narrowed on Eliza, "Yes, but it matters not."

Eliza shook her head, making a scoffing sound, "You are going against every law being with her," she turned towards me, "Our kind has strict laws against our kind fraternizing with humans, and Nate has gone against law, if his father finds out about this he will be punished, maybe even executed."

I choked inwardly. Was it true? Nate looked at me and seeing my worry, turned to face the stoned-faced Eliza, "You go too far, my punishment will be light, and it will not matter for my father would understand."

Erik and Neil glanced at each other, before Neil walked over and placed a hand on Eliza's shoulder stopping her from saying anything else. "Well, if The Prince wishes to chance it, then we, as his guard, must follow him. Right Ashe?"

Ashe rolled his shoulder and rubbed his neck. He glanced at us all, before closing his eyes in defeat, "Fine, but let it be on your heads," facing us he spoke, "So what is it you need help with?"

Nate handed over the note, Ashe looked over it, "So they want her in exchange for her friend, it seems they've noticed how protected Corrine has been."

"Protected?" I looked from him and to Nate in question, Nate, flushing, avoided my gaze.

Ashe smirked, "He may have said harsh things. But he continued to watch over you. We switched shift to keep our eyes on you."

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