Chapter 12

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Saturday nights were big movie nights in Clarksville. It was akin to a community function. Everyone came out dressed in their best casual wear.

 People gathered, chatted, gathered and pretty much made a ruckus in the theatre. It had become an unwritten rule of common sense that Friday and Saturday nights were ruled by the high school crowd. 

 Therefore if you did not wish to be laughed at, or ridiculed, by teenagers who believed movies were an interactive sport, it was best to stay home on Friday and Saturday nights or go to movies during the matinee hours during the weekdays, if you really want to hear and see the film.

My friends and I often took seats in the balcony. This area of theatre overlook was great for watching others from above. We sat in casual observation, offering judgment on all the fashion faux pas, and noting who was dating whom. Candy and Bethany could be vicious about high waters or clothing worn too tightly for the full figured woman.

Watching the movie in the dark theatre, I continuously handed soft tissue to Mya. She stared at the screen, transfixed by the deep passion expressed between the two actors. I leaned back hoping my expression of boredom was hidden in the dark. 

 How could anyone be moved by this? I mean, they'd both been so stupid to wage such an obvious fight against great odds to be together, and then, to allow their passion to lead to their death?! Why did anyone think suicide over someone you'd just met seem like a good idea? Seriously, like they couldn't have waited or talked it over with their parents?

Mya turned to me and it was clear that she was experiencing an emotional connection. I smiled in feigned understanding as we continued to watch the movie.

Despite my love of erotica and romance, I have never understood first-glance love stories; they were unreal and foolish. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief when Juliet finally died, and wanted to cheer when the credits started to roll.

Mya took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She seemed physically distraught, and with a sigh she said, "Hah. It gets me every time. I just adore Love stories, especially classics."

I nodded and walked to the front of the theatre as we continued to talk about the movie and the characters.

Finally, her brother drove up in his Mustang GT, much faster than needed. He yelled out the window for Mya to hurry. Then added, "Hey, you gonna hang out with us Cor? We can have a blast this evening."

I waved and smiled, yelling back, "You need to take your cute self on home, Mister, just like me."

He tried to entice me once more saying, "Let me give you a ride home."

"No thanks," I said. "It is still early and my walk to campus is short."

Mya jumped into the car and smacked her brother on the back of his head. She threatened him with harm if he continued to talk to me. 

 They bickered and laughed. "Get going," I said. I thought them reminiscent of me and my younger brother as I watched them drive out of the parking lot. A chilly breeze forced me to pick up the pace as I headed home. 

 The brick path way was lit by street lamps, giving the ground a golden glow right before complete darkness took over. Leaves rustled in the breeze, and some of them fell as I made my way towards the town center. I considered taking a short-cut down strawberry alley. Undecided, I trudged on but stopped short when I saw J. Ling coming out of Del's Coffee Shop. 

 I was just about to yell his name when I noticed the company he shared. As soon as they approached I felt agitated, slumping I tried to act natural and quickly turned around. But I heard my name as J. Ling spotted me. 

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