Chapter 29

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My life couldn't be any less normal right now...I was losing my mind. Candy would miss several classes because she had a slight concussion. Bethany was being morose because Victor had decided to accompany the tuna-faced Cloey Depsin girl to the Fall Event. I had not given a moment's thought to the dance. We normally looked forward to the dance because it signaled the end of the semester.

It took me a while to actually give a care about anything at all. I felt like there was something missing and if I could think clearly, this whole puzzle would be solved.

Instead, I locked myself in a room, and focused completely on studying. And I didn't concern myself with anything too supernatural or mysterious.

The days went by and eventually things were finally getting back to normal. Everyone wanted our normal school days and fun weekends to return. I could not shake a slight uneasy feeling. I was thankful that my dreams no longer involved murder. Occasionally my dreams contained voices chanting.

I was currently laid out on the desk in my Lit class. Class had not yet started; Professor Richardson was running late. I felt uncomfortable and hot. I had been running a slight fever for the past two days. It would have been better if I had stayed in bed to make sure that I did not become more ill. If I had not been so restless, skipping class would have been the better choice. I should be flat out on my bed, but instead I was anxious and dragged myself into class.

 I let my forehead rest against the desk. My mind started to wonder. I didn't even realize I'd fallen asleep until the dream began...

My mind's eye opened to a room, the walls were covered in many styles of graffiti. Light came from candles, thousands of them surrounding what looked like some form of altar.

A deep voice, filled with rage, came from behind me. "I've told you a million times, we are not going to be your dogs. We had a deal. We were granted the ability to walk among Man as Man for the benefit of our people. Instead, your Minion gave them knowledge of our presence. Do you understand the ramification of this event if we are found complicit in working with you."

Another voice responded nonchalantly. "It would have happened sooner or later. Look at the bigger picture. What does it matter? Keep them busy until we can get what we came for. If you can't manage to do that then ..."

Quickly turning I saw a person lunge at the huge animal. I heard a cry of pain...not from the person, but from the animal.

An intense stabbing pain flared in my side. I jerked awake and instinctively put my hand on my side. My eyes grew wide at the sight of blood.

My eyes jerked open. The pain in my side moved into my head. It felt like needles were stabbing me in the head. I tried to dull the pain, while laying my head against the cool desk as I stared out the window.

The pain grew stronger as I tried to force my eyes closed. Slowly rising I gathered my bag off the table before this pain took full control.

I was lucky today. Neither Bethany nor Nate had attended Lit classes today. If they had, I would have been dragged to the nurse's office. I left the class after whispering to J. Ling that I may be contagious. He nodded. His eyes appeared worried as he watched me leave. The sunshine and great outdoors made me grimaced as the light hit my eyes.

Shading my sensitive eyes with my forearm, I hissed in discomfort as I walked keeping my eyes on the ground. My senses were at maximum awareness. The sound of people's voices was excruciating and rang in my head, seemingly carving away at my brain.

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