Chapter 4

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While Bethany ordered some shots we claimed a table.  I glared as she slid me a virgin margarita, a real women's drink. It is this preparation that allows us to then hit the dance floor and get lost dancing to the music. 

Having no idea how much time had passed, I soon felt an arm wrap around my waist. I stopped to turn and face the person, only to find that I didn't recognize him.  Pulling away I danced closer to Candy, who shielded me from the intrusive bastard.

We continued our dance-a-thon when Bethany joined us.  We were having a blast, laughing and singing with the songs, when once again this creep put his hands on my waist.  I turned around and shoved him away. Maybe it was too much but I really hated people I didn't know touching me.

He stared at me from his place on the ground in shock. I glared down at him, "Stop it, and don't touch me again!"

Turning from him, I did not see him jump up and I was startled when he grabbed me and turned me around.  

He glared at me and said, "Listen, Bitch, I will get my dance. You dressed that way to...."

What he would have said was left in the air, as a familiar tanned hand grabbed his arm.

I watched as Nate blankly stared down at the man saying with charm, "I don't think the lady wants to dance with you."

The man jerked back, his face twisted in anger. "Who are you to stop me, huh? You're nothing but a sissified punk!"

Nate's expression didn't change.  He simply stepped forward and punched the guy, causing the man to fall hard to the ground.

The drunk stared up at him dazed and confused.   I looked at Nate, I was surprised, mostly by the fact that he would react to an insult in such a manner.  I didn't think he would concern himself in something so trivial.

The man came clumsily back to his feet.  He wavered back and forth.  He let out a loud howl as he rushed Nate, only to miss him, when Nate smoothly stepped aside.

The drunk instead slammed into what appeared to have been a group of military guys, and before we knew it everyone was fighting.

I stared in shock at the scene before me. Bethany pulled at my arm calling my name, but I couldn't take my eyes off Nate. 

He remained emotionless as he turned away from the fight and headed towards the other exit, finally my eyes were jerked from his retreating form, as Bethany nearly dragged me away and made her way towards the entrance. 

Before we turned the corner I caught a glimpse of Tex and Vic jumping into the Bar fight with enthusiasm. "When will they ever grow up?"  A bar fight is the perfect celebration after a win.

Candy exclaimed, "Wow!  That definitely is enough excitement for one night.  Right! Bethany?!"  She threw herself into the back of my car her eyes flashing from the excitement of the fight we had just escaped.

Bethany took her seat, pulling off her high heels, she then reached up and pulled the mirror down, checking her makeup.

"Si, I can't believe a non-student would cause such a ruckus in there and I don't think we will see him back at Chic for a long time."  Bethany added.

 Candy spent the rest of the ride going over the details about the incident.  I just replayed what lead up to the mayhem deep in my thoughts. Bethany kept giving me looks from the corner of her eyes, I could feel her gaze but I ignored her, I mean you shouldn't always play into you best friends curiosity?

Candy kept shifting in the seat while she was changing her clothes, suddenly she blurted out, "Corra, when did you meet Nate?"

I glanced in the rear mirror, before turning my eyes back to the rode, and shrugged. "I've never formally met him actually.

He did grab a paper that had fallen from my backpack for me earlier today, but that's really it."

"Hmm," she pulled on her shirt, and crossed her legs sitting campfire style in my backseat without a seatbelt mind you.  Leaning her elbows on her legs, her expression was thoughtful.  "So, the great Kronus has taken an interest in our Corra, huh? I wonder what that might mean?"

I suddenly couldn't keep my laughter down.  "What do you mean? Interest?  He just handed me a piece of paper. Don't read anything into it. You should calm down and focus your romantic notions upon your handsome beau, right? Ashebel isn't it? You know—his hair, his smile, and gosh just his style."

Beside me Bethany went into the standard fan girl squeal.  Candy then went on to give us a list of what made Ashebel so...o great, and, to be honest, I'd learned how to phase her out a long time ago.  Once she was done I asked, "Are you okay Candy?"

She leaned forwards, her head appearing from between the seats, "Yeah, why?"

I widened my brown eyes, innocently, "Because you didn't breathe once during the entire story telling about him."

Candy narrowed her eyes at me and snarled, "Did you get it all?  Or would you like me to repeat for clarity; Brat?"

I shook my head to indicate the negative.

 I confessed, "I just wanted to know, because it would be a ba-ad thing to have you repeat all that including the emotion of adoration you expressed. Only to have the Irish in ye blood take ye over and make it impossible for the rest of us heathens to understand of word from ye!" 

I cringed awaiting the pounding in the back of my head that I would get from Candy as I dared to perform my version of an Irish lilt in my accent.

Falling forward laughing and hitting her own head against the back of my seat, Candy rolled her eyes, responding for all of Ireland she said, "Oy,go'on wit' ya."

 This craziness carried us all the way back to our place laughing hysterically the entire ride and kept the questions from continuing.

Finally arriving at the apartment, we all got out of the car and rushed inside.  We cleaned up, losing make-up and clothing to switch quickly to crash mode. 

I snagged the couch and stretched out completely, Candy jumped in my bed due to a lost wager and Bethany retreated to her room.  We had a wild day but we agreed that life was good.

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