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Subtle Shift


L.B. Keen

Dedicated to my family for sticking through my mad ramblings, and editor for all the leg work, Thanks!


 I remember when I finished the last page of the latest romance novel, I sat day dreaming about Love. Granted, love is not something that I ever truly understood. We fall into it, and then we fall out of it.  Great authors wrote about it how it could cause men to go insane and women to do horrible things to each other over it.  Love is a boring topic to me. 

Sadly, I think I may have been cursed, my silly words coming back to haunt me.  A stupid moment in my English Literature class as an in-coming Freshman. I remember the required reading list for the semester.  Each story I recognized as a classic ‘Love Story,’ with dread I knew each one was about two people so obsessed with each other that they didn’t mind hurting others or themselves to get what they wanted.  I cringed and cried out, “This is so stupid; the characters are so brainless. I hate these stories”.

I had laughed with my friend Bethany.  We made fun of the characters’ situations; the women especially were quite simple.  They should have had more control of their emotions.  Love, even if it is a real thing, could not be so powerful.  More than likely, humans are just selfish and use love as an excuse to do anything they wish, but when everything falls apart they blame it on something as silly as love.  At least, that was my arrogant understanding of the emotion.

Normally, at this time of night I would be in my room under at least three blankets. Instead, I was standing on a bridge that spanned the Red River. I could not make out the color of the water below.  The splintering wood of the old railing was barely maintained.  And it was here where my fingertips had to decide how far and how slowly to let go of the edge.  Already my feet had decided to take yet another step toward the freedom from the pain in my gut.  There was nothing left to do except to become one of those brainless characters.

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