Chapter 30

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Author: The most awaited update...her it is.

The King's chambers were bathed with an intense light. Although they had moved to the human world in an attempt to be closer to Glamour, the King maintained his preference for white marble and spacious rooms.

He sat at a small oak table placed next to one of the enormous bay windows. The wind blew the soft white curtains back and forth. The King picked up his goblet and took a sip. He placed it down with a sharp clink against the table and gave a heavy sigh. His eyes did not leave the chest board in front of him. He spoke softly,

"You have news for me, Neil?"

Neil brought his heels together and bowed his head. He placed a hand over his heart," Yes, Your Majesty."

"Well then, report."

Neil watched as the Elder slowly placed his chess pieces on the checkered board in front of him. "It seems the Vermillion no longer attack out of blood lust. They now seem to have order and are systematically attacking your son."

A white knight softly clicked as it was placed onto the board. The King turned his gaze toward Neil. He then inquired further. "Oh? And how has the prince responded to this change?" Next, the Bishop was moved into position on the chess board. Neil shook his head then spoke with the proper bearing. "His group is still investigating. They reported that recently a conflict occurred with a man who displayed one red hand. The man was identified as one of those from the Unholy Court."

A pawn froze before it touched the board. The King commented, "An Unholy... It seems things are getting far more interesting in this little town of Clarksville." He continued his movement of the pawn and breathed wearily." Is there anything else of which I should be aware?"

Inwardly, Neil grimaced. Ashe had forewarned him to report everything, especially if things appeared to be getting out of control. "The prince has bound himself to a human woman using a blood oath. We have not confirmed the extent of this bond, however, The Prince struggles to keep his emotions under control when dealing with her."

The King didn't move for a moment, before his arm shot out in anger. The game pieces fell to the ground. Neil immediately dropped to one knee. He felt the full weight of the King's Glamour. The Kings voice became intense with anger, "How could he be so foolish?! Of all the laws that he must go against, it is the one set in order to keep us powerful and alive." The King stood and withdrew to his chamber leaving Neil in his kneeling position as the ground shook from the weight of royal glamour. Neil's face showed concern as he began to wonder if he and Ashe had made the right choice in exposing the details of Nate's circumstances.

My screams woke me from a bizarre dream and I thrashed about in a panic. I realized that another person was in the room with me and I screamed loudly. The intruder fell when I pulled quickly away and dropped from the bed to the floor. I snatched the covers off the bed as I struggled to stand steady on my feet. Calming myself I forced myself to recall the dream. I love dreaming, but of late my dreams turned into form of mental torture. This dream was no less weird. I stood as people bowed before me. It was strange and it seemed as far as the eye could see people were bowing their heads.

I looked up at the sky only to see what appeared to be angels flying back and forth. Their wings blazed like fire. They fought high above in the air and caused a deep red light to splash across the heavens.

I felt anxious and my eyes were drawn to only one angel. His wings were blazing-but with a dark light. His hair flew wildly like a dark ember against the red flashes that filled the sky. When he stabbed another angel in a savage way, I felt myself smile in satisfaction. He was a warrior. My warrior. He was a King, glorious in his savagery.

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