Chapter 7

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A pic of Dave, the director up top! 

The weekend passed by as normally and uninteresting as usual, and far before I was ready, Monday had arrived.

Monday meant rehearsal.

Rehearsal meant Kaleb.

Upon arriving to the theater, I was sent right into a one on one rehearsal with Meg, who as it turned out, was acting across from me as Anna in the play.

These events, as unexpected as they were, provided me the perfect opportunity to avoid all contact with Kaleb as inconspicuously as possible.

Meg and I's scenes in the play were brief but intense. I found working with her was fairly easy and our scenes flowed exquisitely when we were in the moment of the characters.

Exiting the two hour rehearsal though, I was mentally and physically exhausted.

"That was so much fun! Who knew secretly hating each other would be that much fun!" Meg joked as she and I walked out of the Lobby where we were rehearsing separately from Kaleb and Jackson, the guy playing Larry.

My stare flew up to the stage where Jackson and Kaleb were currently standing, with Dave on the floor giving them directions.

The door into the theater shut with a resounding, loud noise that alerted everyone to my and Meg's newly entered presence in the room. Everyone in the theater turned to look at us instinctively.

Everyone, including Kaleb.

His eyes met mine in an electrifying stare. The connection was so sudden and so intense that I found it near impossible to tear my eyes away from his prying ones.

His captivating eyes, in which the last time I set my own eyes on them, I had been cowering in fear as I trembled under his gaze, unsure of whether he would take his wrath out on me or not.

I had let my walls down and now he had questions; that much was evident.

Questions I didn't plan on dignifying with a response.

By some miracle, I shut down our connection, shifting my gaze and attention back to Meg as she rambled next to me as we strolled down to the main stage.

"Dave was telling me all about what he has planned for a few of the scenes with your character and girl, prepare yourself. He's always been a director to take risks but with some of the stuff he has planned for you and a couple scenes with Dan, he's even pushing the limits a bit for him," Meg informed me as we grabbed our seats while we waited for Dave to finish up the scene he was working on now.

"What do you mean? What does he have planned?"

"He wants to add two more intimate scenes for your character and Dan and he's contemplating one with Larry. He just thinks its super important to show that there was always sexual chemistry between Alice and Dan; that sex was a vitality to Alice."

Oh god.

Intimate scenes? I thought there would only be a kiss or two?

"How do you know all of this?" I asked in a low, slightly mortified voice.

Meg turned to face me, her porcelain face creased in confusion momentarily before something snapped in her head and a large grin stretched out over her small lips.

"I totally forgot you wouldn't know this already," she said with a giddy chuckle. "Dave and I have been dating for just over two years now. We live together and everything. And before you say it, no, I swear I didn't get this role because I'm sleeping with the director. I had to audition just like everyone else did."

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