Chapter 1

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Roman laughed as his sister, Alice, straightened his bowtie. Here he was about to walk his baby sister down the aisle after her five month engagement. Meanwhile he was on year four of his own. She took his elbow as she exhaled slowly.

"Don't let me fall." she said.

He nodded and they commenced to the walk into her new life as a Mrs.

A short ceremony later Roman sat at the free bar preparing to down his third shot of Patrón.

"A dirty martini and two apple-tinis please."

Roman looked into the bar mirror to see a gorgeous full figured brown-skinned beauty standing next to him. She tapped her nails on the bar to the slow beat of the music. He turned to her and she gave a small smile, flashing a sly dimple in her right cheek.

He straightened himself in his chair and was interrupted by another woman speaking to his brown beauty.

"How long does it take to make three little drinks?!" she demanded.

A taller woman in a pink dress threw her arm around the short one's shoulder. They both giggled.

"He's working on it." his brown beauty said defensively.

He smiled at her slight eye roll. It was then the tall one looked his way. She smiled and extended her hand to him as she put on her flirt face.


He shook her hand & replied, "Hey. I'm-"

"Roman!!" a shrill female voice yelled.

He looked toward the female voice shouting his name to see his mother waving impatiently at him. He hopped up and rushed to her, leaving behind the small woman and her friend. He took his mom's hand and she rushed him to his sister's table. He sat ready to be bored to death by his new brother-in-law's family tales. But he instantly perked up at the sound of a familiar voice behind him.

"There's nothing wrong with being single."

It was his brown beauty. Next he heard Sitra say "I ain't talking about being single. I'm talking about being sexless. For fuck's sake. Gen, you don't even own a freaking sex toy." she said to the beauty that he now knew was called Gen.

He stifled a chuckle. Continuing to eavesdrop he heard Gen say "Why do I need one? Have you forgotten I have four year old daughter who just loves sleeping in her mommy's bed?"

Sitra laughed sarcastically and said "As much as I love my godbaby, you know there's other places to get one in. The rate you going yo lil hole gone seal shut."

The two shared a rather loud laugh before Gen actually replied "So Miss Advice, what do you want me to do? Pick up a male hooker or something?"

Sitra re"No. Paying for it is trashy. But there are other options. Like... Oh! Wedding hook-ups! I'd go with Roman. Looks like a stallion right?"

They erupted in laughter and silently so did Roman. Throughout the rest of the reception the two stuck near each other, continuing to chatter. Surprisingly most of it was about him. Well, Sitra trying to convince Gen to sleep with him. Which he found himself considering. After all she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

So I'm just trying to get the story started right now. But the picture at the top is how I imagine these characters looking sort of.

Genisis as Jill Scott. But like a little Jill Scott from before she got thin.

Roman as Michael Weatherly because he's just so handsome in NCIS (one of my favorite shows).

Sitra as Tyra Banks because I needed a model body type to contrast Jill's curves for Genisis.

Alice as Kristen Stewart. Don't ask why. I just picked someone. L0L!

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