Character Bios (Major)

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Here's some bonus content on the characters of Swashbuckling in the Dark and Swashbuckling on the Edge, just for fun. Later on I will add information for minor characters as well as character backstories and a timeline.


Real name: Saiorse O'Brian, nee Kerrigan ('sear-sha'). Birthday: March 11, 1669 (age 24). Occupation: Pirate. Birthplace: Ireland.

Characteristics: brown hair, green eyes, height 5'2"

Morality: Good. Education: Secondary. Skills/Strengths: swordsmanship, sailing, piracy, reading/writing, music, adaptability. Relationships: Dark (love interest), Duncan O'Brian (husband), Tallera (friend), Sykes (friend/superior), Grimm (nemesis), Capt. Worthington (nemesis).

Captain "Dark" Byrne 

Real name: Unknown. Birthday: February 27, 1668 (age 25). Occupation: Pirate, Captain of the Ebony. Birthplace: Ireland.

Characteristics: black hair, blue eyes, height 6'0". 

Morality: Questionable. Education: Primary. Skills/Strengths: swordsmanship, navigation, piracy, sailing, leadership, cunning. Relationships: Zaina (love interest), Sykes (friend/subordinate), Tallera (former lover), Grimm (nemesis), Capt. Worthington (nemesis).

Ian Sykes

Birthday: April 16, 1655 (age 36). Occupation: Pirate, first mate and quartermaster of the Ebony. Birthplace: Scotland.

Characteristics: dark brown hair, beard, blue eyes, height 6'6".

Morality: neutral-good. Education: Some primary. Skills/Strengths: navigation, sailing, swordsmanship, carpentry, physical strength. Relationships: Dark (friend/superior), Tallera (love interest), Zaina (friend/subordinate), Grimm (nemesis), Capt. Worthington (nemesis).

Tallera Martin

Birthday: July 21, 1672 (age 21). Occupation: None. Birthplace: Unknown.

Characteristics: red hair, dark brown eyes, height 5'4".

Morality: Depends on the day. Education: Primary. Skills/Strengths: swordsmanship, thievery, music, negotiation, resourcefulness, intelligence. Relationships: Sykes (love interest), Dark (former lover), Zaina (friend), Grimm (nemesis).

Captain J. Worthington

Birthday: September 28, 1650 (age 43). Occupation: Captain, British Navy. Birthplace: England.

Characteristics: brown hair, brown eyes, height 5'7".

Morality: Lawful good. Education: Secondary Skills/Strengths: military training, sailing, swordsmanship, navigation. Relationships: Dark (nemesis), Grimm (nemesis), Marianne (daughter), Seymour (subordinate).


Real Name: Unknown. Birthday: September 28, 1661. Occupation: Pirate, Captain of the Wandering Wraith. Birthplace: Eastern Europe.

Characteristics: grey-blue eyes, facial skull tattoo, height 6'0".

Morality: None. Education: Unknown. Skills/Strengths: piracy, sailing, swordsmanship, navigation, cunning, intelligent. Relationships: Dark (nemesis), Sykes (nemesis).

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