Swashbuckling on the Edge

Swashbuckling on the Edge

35.8K Reads 2K Votes 31 Part Story
Emily Jansen By CruciformSpark7 Completed


Having escaped once again from the reach of English law, Zaina, Dark and crew recuperate on a remote island.  Contemplating their uncertain future and recovering their losses, Dark and Zaina become entangled in a 50-year-old treasure hunt that leads them to unexpected places. 

Wanting to put an end to his long quest for vengeance, Sykes follows new leads in the chase for Captain Grimm. But as he draws closer to the truth, a deadly shadow stalks close behind, threatening to derail Sykes' future.

Alongside the mystery of Captain Grimm, an old legend resurfaces to complicate matters.  Pieces of an ancient chart, a conspiracy within the English court, a legendary pirate,  a devious mastermind and a long-forgotten treasure draw all players into a ghost's dangerous game which promises certain death or the greatest prize of the seven seas.

Highest Rating #68 in Adventure