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Swashbuckling in the Dark by CruciformSpark7
Swashbuckling in the Darkby Emily Jansen
A privileged runaway. A notorious pirate. A vengeful lawman. A bloodthirsty killer. A young woman turns to a life of piracy to escape a life of privilege, unwittingly...
  • caribbean
  • pirates
  • wattys2018
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A Wicked Whisper Came by CeeMTaylor
A Wicked Whisper Cameby C.M. Taylor
A nameless evil presses upon Oceana's borders, its source unknown. Shadows spread from the south. Foul creatures have appeared in the wilds, some of which were thought t...
  • grimdark
  • fantasyadventure
  • boyxboy
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You and I: A Tale Of Piracy by Democritus-Dawn
You and I: A Tale Of Piracyby Democritus
Once Upon a Time, in a lawless land... There was a Man, who held the world in his arms. Who would strike fear into the very hearts of Kings. A man who feared nothing, fo...
  • betrayal
  • adventure
  • shootouts
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Chasing Horizons  by LegolastheElven
Chasing Horizons by LegolastheElven
This was a Nanowrimo project... As if time travel isn't crazy enough, Evangeline Lillian Belle finds herself chasing her husband across the seven seas, hoping to break...
  • pirates
  • nanowrimo
  • atlantis
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Swashbuckling on the Edge by CruciformSpark7
Swashbuckling on the Edgeby Emily Jansen
***SEQUEL TO SWASHBUCKLING IN THE DARK*** Having escaped once again from the reach of English law, Zaina, Dark and crew recuperate on a remote island. Contemplating the...
  • 17thcentury
  • wattys2018
  • historicalfiction
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Daggers and Horizons by Faeoftheforgotten
Daggers and Horizonsby Thaila Moonbrook
A rogues blades are as one with them as is their own heart.... or so one believes. One rogue learns that not everything is as it seems, and there is always something new...
  • fantasy
  • elves
  • dragons
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The Unlikely Musketeer by IsGreat
The Unlikely Musketeerby
Young fiery Annette Lefevre wasn't going to let marriage tame her, so she dresses like a man to join the most elite of the King's Forces. She will meet dashing D'Artagna...
  • dylansprouse
  • porthos
  • swashbuckling
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The Daring Adventures of Darwin and Cecile by krazydiamond
The Daring Adventures of Darwin an...by Kristin Jacques
***Winner of @JessicaBFry's Fantasy Writing Competition: Terrifying Creatures of the Deep*** ***Winner of The Under the Sea Writing Contest @Jos1eDemuth and @BrittanieCh...
  • undertheseawritingcontest2015
  • seamonsters
  • mermaids
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The Edge of the Sea by shreyr19
The Edge of the Seaby Shreya Ramella
Marceline Frake and her brother, Kol, rule the seas on the deadliest ship: The Edge of the Sea. On a quest to find the gift-granting Laufey's Pool, the pirate duo recru...
  • poc
  • wish
  • youngadult
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The Pappy by LilJay222
The Pappyby Jay Daniels
In this spaghetti-western, action-adventure, young-adult novel, In 1888, a distressed mother, Dianne, reaches out to a werewolf hunter to help save her daughter from the...
  • rejection
  • possession
  • action-adventure
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ANTIQUATED ROGUES:  Addle-Plots of the Eternal Twilight by WilliamJJackson
ANTIQUATED ROGUES: Addle-Plots of...by William J. Jackson
A Clockpunk world with a Rococopunk core, this is the universe of Zaer. Long ago, the universe ended. In its pace came a finite one, held inside a translucent polyhedral...
  • swashbuckling
  • clockpunk
  • retropunk
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The Three Musketeers: The English Invasion by MlleRoseBlanche
The Three Musketeers: The English...by MlleRoseBlanche
The winds of change are blowing over Paris as the English fleet washes over the great city like a wave and France is suddenly at the mercy of the Duke of Buckingham. W...
  • athos
  • dartagnanxconstance
  • dumas
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THE CORNUBIAN by JulieHaines
THE CORNUBIANby Julie Spiller
  • adventure
  • period
  • pirates
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Kaida's Heart by KaidaHeart
Kaida's Heartby Cara & Sahara
Meet the misfit crew of Kaida's Heart: Shannon Hawthorn: The uber-competitive daughter of a pirate, destined for greatness. Kilojoule Black: The insane thrill-seeker, wh...
  • floatingislands
  • pirates
  • lgbt
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Legend of the Mañana Episode 1 by JonathanBandy
Legend of the Mañana Episode 1by Jonathan Bandy
This historical fiction/action/adventure Legend of the Mañana, takes place in 1700s Europe, where the soft spoken swordsman Yasac, meets the eccentric aspiring pirate Sc...
  • hunter
  • bounty
  • martial
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Sleeping Shaina (A Fairy Tale Retold) by La_Salette_Lions_fan
Sleeping Shaina (A Fairy Tale Reto...by Dorothy A. Bosco
Princess Shaina knows that she is cursed. If she falls in love before she's sixteen, she'll fall into an everlasting sleep that will last until her body decays -- becaus...
  • fairytalecommunity
  • romance
  • swordplay
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Evanascence by kiana_weiss
Evanascenceby Kiwi
An ordinary story of a girl and a boy,and what makes it ordinary is their love ,and what makes it different is their love for music..Will their love for music make them...
  • suga
  • jennie
  • mia
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Jack Sparrow: Before the Pearl (Book 1) by 1997th
Jack Sparrow: Before the Pearl (Bo...by 👹
Jack Sparrow was a young pirate who was only labeled as Captain Teague's son. He wasn't a captain yet nor a proper pirate. In this book, young Jack will meet the Flying...
  • potc
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • fanfiction
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On Darker Waters by AzariaDurant
On Darker Watersby Azaria Durant
Pirates. Sorcery. A mysterious land of darkness and a deal with the devil. The story of how Uri comes into the dark lord Zeldek's service. Prequel to Broken Arrow.
  • shortstory
  • pirates
  • sorcery
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