Chapter 1:Surviving

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I woke up from the bed, wash my mouth and went to the living room to watch some tv. As usual there was nothing on the tv just news and stories. Max was still asleep, yesterday he was trying to find something all night. But I don't remember what it was for a party. But it's a long story.

I start making breakfast... I left the food a bit burnt.. When I was done cooking. I served food on a plate for myself and for max. I sat down and watch TV waiting for Max to wake up. Hour's later max went to eat and grab the plate and sat down next to me in the couch. I smile at him.

"Thanks Roxy." He said munching on the food.

I smile at him, it was a perfect day. I look outside looking at the clouds. I then turn to Max and he was done eating the food and now he was drinking juice.

"Please don't say what I think you are going to say right now." Max said drinking juice.

I look outside again and smile at the sunny day and look at him. He put the glass with juice down and look at the ice cube move.

"It's a perfect day to go surfing." I said happily.

He look down and sigh moving his head to the side..

"I don't like the beach." Max said.

"Come on it will be fun max" I said happily.

"Go without me." He said lazy.

"Alright I will." I said walking to my room.

I walked to my room and had my favorite bikini on. I walk out of my room with short pant's and my T shirt that said " I love water". I looked around and Max wasn't there. I walk around and went to find my surf board. It took me like forever, I notice I was taking too long till I found it. I walk to the car carrying the surf board and start to put it on the back of the car. I heard footsteps and the door open.

"Wait for me Roxy." I heard.

I look at him from head to toe he was with bathing pants and a shirt that was red and blue.

"I thought you said "go without me." I said imitating him and failing in the process.

"Well I changed my mind." He said ashamed holding his hair trying to hide his face from shame.

I look at him and he when't to the door of the house and got inside to get something. I sigh a bit in patient waiting for him to get what he wanted.

I turn on the car and heard the door open and then a lock click and heard footsteps then the door open Max sat next to me on the passenger sit. I drove to the beach. Max was quiet along with me till he broke the silence.

"Roxy I have a bad feeling about this." Max said.

"You always say that and nothing happens." I look at the red light and stop there.

"I know but something wrong may happen today." He said worried looking away.

"Don't worry we will only be there for a few hours and catch some waves and leave nothing bad is going to happen." I said smiling.

He looked down and a few hours pass, we came to the beach I park the car and got out. I took off my shirt and short pant's and open the back of the car to take out my surf board. Max took off his shirt and I finish taking the surf board out and we walked to the sand. I looked at him and smile worried. He look like he was worried as if something was still bothering him. He look at me and shake his head to block out his thoughts.

"Race you!" He said running to the water trying to get his head out of his worries.

I put my surf board on the floor and ran behind him I jump in the water and he starts swimming far away. I catch up to him and notice that he was going really far away.

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