First Impressions

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A/N: TBH not Canadian. Idk really how the govt works completely in CAN so if I get something wrong pls tell me!

"Fuck!" I mutter as I check the clock on my phone. I jolt out of bed and rush to the shower. The lack of warm water causes me to take what seems to be the quickest shower of my life. I hurry to dry off and put on my J. Crew blue, fit 'n' flare dress and a black cardigan. Next I quickly slip on black heels and begin to apply make up. After giving up on winged eyeliner I settle for the barely there eyeliner appearance (A.K.A I try to get all the eyeliner off but it is waterproof and I am lazy). Before I sprint out the door I grab my shoes and slip on the black, heeled booties. I check my phone 7:15. Shit, I'm going to be late. I sprint out my apartment door and out onto the streets, I begin a speed walk to the home of my internship, the Prime Minister's office. More specifically, I am interning for the Chief Of Staff, Katie Telford. This is my biggest achievement and it's also my first day...and I'm going to be late. Trying to weave through a crowd of suits it possibly the hardest thing to do at 7:30 in the morning.


I rush up to the chief of staff's office after getting lost in the building. I try to act calm as I walk in.

"Hello, Mrs. Telfo-" I stop in my tracks. "Shit I'm So-" SHIT I SAID THAT OUT LOUD. In the Mrs. Telford's office is standing Justin Trudeau. The one and only. I just said shit in front of him.

"Oh, hello there, How may I help you?" Mrs. Telford stops her conversation with Prime Minister Trudeau. The two look at me, I feel Justin's eyes on me.

"I-I'm the new intern, I got lost in this building so I'm a tad late I'm so sorry! I'm Eliza Norwell." I explain nervously. I feel the prime minister give a tad smile at my explanation.

"Miss Norwell! Hello, I am Mrs. Telford, as you already know. This is Prime Minister Trudeau. Welcome to the office. I will explain things in a moment, I just need to finish briefing Justin." Mrs. Telford gives me a warm smile. I shake her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Miss Norwell. We will be working a lot together." Prime Minister Trudeau sticks out his hand for me to shake.

"Pleasure is all mine Prime Minister!" I shake his hand, I feel my body shaking with nerves.

"Please, call me Justin." Justin laughs a little. I let out a breathe.

"Well then, pleasure to meet you Justin." I smile. At that moment I realize our hands haven't escaped each other's grasps yet. Apparently, Justin realizes it too because he quickly removes his soft hand from mine.


"So, for the time being you will be delivering messages from other offices to Justin. All messages are to be kept in the envelope until Justin opens them or he tells you to do it for him. Anytime before you enter his office, ask me because he could be in a meeting. You also will be attending all press conferences and certain visits. Anything I go to you will follow. Understood?" Mrs. Telford informs me.

"Yes ma'am." I smile as she hands me a list of offices to go retirieve mail and messages from. I beign to walk out the door before Mrs. Telford stops me.

"Oh, and Miss Norwell I have you phone here. This phone is specifically for government work. Anything downloaded or sent on the phone will be archived. This is how I will contact you or how various other people will contact you." Mrs. Telford explains before dismissing me. I take the iPhone 6 and leave the room and head to Legislative Assistant's office and the Director of Appointment's office.

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