1. How it all began

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The early bird catches  the worm they say, but that has never made me feel like I actually should get my butt up from the bed and start my day earlier than usual. Despite my mom telling me to go to bed early, I never sleep before 2 o'clock anyways. However, I always wake up regretting the choices I made the night before, but then again when my thoughts travel to all the episodes I got to watch and all the Korean men I got to creep on, on YouTube, my day gets instantly better.

I should probably listen more to my mom, and maybe this incident wouldn't have happened if only I had listened to her. This morning was not unlike other mornings. I woke up on a monday. Doing whatever I do on monday mornings. I checked the clock only to discover that I was late, as usual. So I hopped on my bike, forgot my helmet, but also my backpack.

It wasn't until my classmate, Vernon, yelled: "Did you forget your head too?", when I was on my way to school and I realized that I had done it again.

"Jugulle?" I threatened him. The only response I got was a loud chain of laughter.

So I started biking towards my house again, with the usual fear I always had on school days. My mom was already waiting for me sitting on the staircase with my backpack in her hands. 

"You always forget your backpack, idiot." She shook her head, as she always does.

Just like I always do, I complained saying: "It's monday! Don't blame me."

Walking from my house to my school takes me approximately twenty minutes, depending on the weather and my mood. Biking takes everything from ten to fifteen minutes. But as I left my house the clock was showing 07.50 meaning that I only had got ten minutes left. That was kind of good, 'cuz I actually had chances of showing up at school in time.

Reaching the last corner I had to turn on my way to school, I didn't notice the cat. Of course, it was a cat. It had to be a cat. Just like in a cliche drama or movie or musical or music video or whatever. You get the point.

The only thing I could do was to turn right, even though I was supposed to go left, but I couldn't because of the cat. I would rather hurt myself than hurting an animal, let alone a cat. I couldn't help but to think about the cat I have at home. It would be considered as murder to hurt this cat, no, I had to save it at all costs.

Obviously, proud of myself for managing to turn right I didn't hear the car, which was coming from behind me. It was already too late to turn back again, when I felt car's tire hit against my bike. The impact was too strong and sudden, and before I knew it I ended up laying between two trash cans.

The wheels screeched as the driver hit the brakes. By now I could only imagine how hardly damaged my bike must be. Even though the driver tried his best to stop the car at time, that was not what happened.

Since the driver failed at stopping the car in time he saw no other way out than turning the wheel. Instead of letting the car move towards me and hit me, it suddenly changed its direction. The next thing I recorded was the car smashing into the red brick wall, I was leaning against. 

On reflex my hands flew up shielding my body from potential harm. A muffled scream escaped my lips, but as soon as I understood that a person might be hurt because me I jumped on my feet and forgot the agony of pain, which was spreading to my whole body.

"Are you okay?"

I gasped with my hand in front of my mouth, even before the driver had opened the car door. With controlled steps the driver climbed out of the car and took some steps in my direction. I bowed two times apologizing at the same time. Not once did I lift my head to look up. I was too embarrassed and scared that this person would yell at me. I was already having a not so good day.

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